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 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - VxFan
I put it on my SE and iPad Air last night.

No noticeable difference on my SE phone, but Apple's claim that it's faster certainly is true of my older iPad. Gone is the keyboard lag and stutter that its had for a while. Apps launch quicker too.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - commerdriver
I put it on my SE, will try the extra carplay connections this evening not noticed too much else yet, ask me again in a week or 2.

Will update the macbook in the next week or 2, no real urgency on that.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - Duncan
Installed it on Day 1.

I dunno - what's the difference? Except there is now a 'Measure app'.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - VxFan
>> I dunno - what's the difference?

Although to be honest, I suspect over 90% of the features won't be used or noticed by users.
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 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - Duncan
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 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - commerdriver
>> >> I dunno - what's the difference?
Unless you want one of the new features probably not much difference, it may be faster but I dont think it was slow before.
For me google maps via CarPlay is the main thing.
I guess security is a big part of it, I had an email from our mobile support people saying that IOS 10 devices would be disconnected from our network in November so I needed to go to IOS 12 for that as well
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - VxFan
>> it may be faster but I dont think it was slow before.

That's the thing though. It's transformed my old iPad Air. I was contemplating replacing it as it was getting so slow and jittery. But now it's back to what it was at least a couple of years ago. To me it was well worth putting iOS12 on it.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - Crankcase
Eep. My phone will go no higher than IOS 10 and the iPad no higher than 9. They seem OK though.

I saw a YouTube video last week with a chap who went back to an iPhone 2 for a week. He had a list of things he does, like phoning, texting, video chat, etc. I think there were nine things on the list. The only one it wouldn't do was video chat, largely because there was no front facing camera. All the others were either fine, or at least acceptable.

He did say he was glad to get back to his whatever the latest one is, but it wasnt at all horrendous for a week. Everything worked at about the same speed as the latest phone in reality.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - movilogo
Installed on iPad. Few changes here and there, nothing major. If you are runnig iOS 11, no need to hurry.

IMHO switching apps gesture is worse in iOS 12 compared to 11, I'm mostly getting it wrong.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - Falkirk Bairn
My BB went down on Thursday - I await Mr Sky Man tomorrow.

Hooked up to next door's fibre & took advantage of the speed to update 2 x phone & i x 2-pads. Predictable reply from SWMBO saying what do I want with ??? etc but other than that painless.

I have not noticed any difference in the speed of out older i-Pad Air. I did notice how quick the new one is in installing the iOS12 about 2.5 times faster at least - bigger processor & more memory makes a difference.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - R.P.
Did it tonight on my 6S...apart from some better searching modes on Photos and the measuring thing (which is quite good - especially if you want to send a photo of something with measurements ) I've measured the dog and Mrs RP with it and it seems to work well. Looking to move to an X in the next few weeks though.
 iOS12 - anyone installed it yet? - No FM2R
*never* measure your wife. That way there be dragons..
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