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 MSE - Skip
I changed the anti-virus over from Avast to Microsoft Security Essential on the PC, laptop and netbook as i was told that MSE was superior.
It is working fine and did in fact find some spyware that Avast wasn't picking up, but on the Netbook it doesn't seem to auto update and needs to done manually. Is there any reason for this or is there something needs changing in settings etc ?
 MSE - Pat
I have that problem too Andy.
Rattle solved my email problem on my laptop that caused me so many problems, by replacing Avast with MSE.

It works absolutely fine but I do have to manually update it.

If there is a way of automating it I would be happy to change on the desktop too.

 MSE - Skip
I dont know if its relevant, but the netbook is running Windows 7, while the PC and the laptop on which it does auto update are on Vista.
 MSE - rtj70
Do you use sleep on the netbook and not the others perhaps. MSE does an update every 24 hours or about 10 minutes after a reboot if it's not updated for a while. Maybe your 24 hour check is when the machine is off and due to sleep does not do the check after boot?

Note MSE only considers definitions to be out of date if they are older than 7 days old.
 MSE - Skip
Hi rjt, i do always shut it down. I suppose it's not a major issue, i just have to trust my not so great memory to remember to do a manual update !

 MSE - Tigger
I too switched. In my case from AVG to MSE. I'm finding it perfectly good for my needs.

My netbook with Win7 does autoupdate, so it is possible. No idea why yours won't - sorry!
 MSE - Roger.
There are registry tweaks to make MSE update at periods of your choosing !
Google is your friend!
 MSE - Skip
Thanks, i will have a look later. Having said that it's just auto updated itself !!!
 MSE - Old Navy
The MSE on my Win 7 netbook auto updates before the daily scan I auto run, I have the box ticked on the setup page.
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