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 Phone Recommendation Sought - Bromptonaut
Mrs B has dropped her Moto G5 and cracked screen. This model lacks a NFC so cannot be used with Google Pay, something she's keen to adopt.

So we're looking for a SIM free Android smartphone with NFC, 16GB memory and decent battery life. Camera needs to be OK but not deal breaker - we've a Sony compact and I'm looking again at Bridge v DSLR for stuff that's more than snaps.

Don't really want to pay more than £150-£180 though we might stretch for extra bangs/buck.

Early contender is LG K10: (amazon page).

What does the panel think?
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 Phone Recommendation Sought - No FM2R
If she liked the G5 then I'd recommend the G6.

It will make life so much easier having the same UI, and transferring everything from one phone to another is always easier that way.

On top of which, I'm quite the fan of the Motorola phones.

A quick look showed it for £190, which is close to your budget.

I'm a bit surprised that you're looking at the K10, it's 2 years old now and pretty much end of life. It's actually older then the G5. Unless there's a new one I don't know about, but I don't think so

Compared to the K10;

Both the G5 and G6 have higher resolution screens (1080x1920 vs 720x1280)
The LG K10 is one version of Android behind and will receive no more upgrades.
The LG K10 has a smaller battery
The G6 has the reversible USB connector. [type C] Much better.
The G6 has the faster CPU
The LG is entirely plastic. The G6 is mostly Aluminium.
The G6 supposedly has a much advanced camera though it is 12mp to the LG's 13mp
The G6 covers just about every frequency used in the world. The LG will potentially be a pain outside Europe
G6 is Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Both LG & G6 do NFC
G6 is 32GB or 64GB
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 Phone Recommendation Sought - Bromptonaut
Thanks Mark, that's helpful. G6 looked expensive initially, £200+, but that's for a dual SIM version with extra 'stuff' we don't need. Can't see she's really need double sim. We used sims from 3 in US last year for cheap roaming but they were swapped over in departures. Having both would be nice but not needed.

Single SIM 'Play' version on Amazon is £150 and actually, for that spec the dual SIM only adds a tenner.

Available for delivery on Tuesday.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - No FM2R
I have dual SIM, and mostly it's more of a pain than it's worth. I have it since I use a business phone number and a private one, and it's convenient to have them together. Or at least I thought it would be.

But it isn't as easy and seamless as you'd hope.

I suspect, though I haven't tried it, that the main advantage of dual SIM would be the ability to keep putting a second SIM in with whatever is the latest cheap data offer.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - No FM2R
I think the £150 is the G6 Play. Just be aware;

Lower quality screen then she is used to (720x1440)
Slower CPU than the G6, about the same as the G5
Less high tech camera than the G6, but 13mp not 12mp
Surprisingly a better battery life (like 20% better)

Of which I'd guess that only the screen resolution [-] and the battery life [+] are relevant to your wife.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - Bromptonaut
I don't think the resolution is too much of an issue tbh.

She'll use it as a phone and for text/whatsapp contact with family and friends. Anything more serious like reading and she uses her tablet, tethering it to phone if not on wi-fi.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - R.P.

I got one of these for the Motorhome as a back up phone - works well. British start up foirm.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - No FM2R
>>I don't think the resolution is too much of an issue tbh.

In which case the extra battery life ought to be the relevant bit. I don't think she'll be unhappy either way, and unless you're really into viewing photos on the phone, I don't think the resolution makes much difference.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - rtj70
Here's a review - note it's a 2 year old design:

Maybe don't expect much in the way of support - they went into administrator earlier this year. A licensing deal with another company was announced soon after.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - No FM2R
Have you chosen a phone? May I ask which one and what you think of it?

Seems Daughter #2 is in need and she likes her sister's G5+ S. So the G6 might be a good fit.
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 Phone Recommendation Sought - Bromptonaut
G6 is front runner but she's been away at a conference this week. As (a) she was in a flap about her presentation and (b) Amazon couldn't deliver before she left we decided to have another look/think this weekend.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - No FM2R
If you get it I'd appreciate knowing what you think of it.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - Duncan
The Moto G5 plus has NFC.
 Phone Recommendation Sought - Duncan
 Phone Recommendation Sought - Lemma
Just as an aside to the OP’s Bridge v DSLR considerations have a think about a micro four thirds camera. Pretty much all the capability of a DSLR but without the weight or bulk. Either Panasonic or Olympus are as good as they get without going bonkers price wise.
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