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 w10 rmote access - sherlock47
I am going to set up remote access to my fathers W10 machine, following difficulties in getting the 'remote' user to follow instructions.

If I read the MS instructions correctly the facility is only available where the ' machine to be accessed is running W10PRO .(It is!).

Is it my just my convoluted way of thinking that this should really work the other way round, so that 'W10Home' users can be accessed by remote users running W10PRO? Is it not more likely to be used in this way?

Once setup can the machine be left open for connection or does this represent a significant security risk?
 w10 rmote access - rtj70
Remote access is only enabled on Windows 10 Pro. But there are other remote access options you could use.

How will you gain access to your fathers network from outside the home? Are you setting up a VPN or are you setting up port forwarding on the router?
 w10 rmote access - sherlock47
Thanks for reply

I have now done a little more homework and found some of the problems.

I had not realised that it was restricted to local network only without changes to router.

1 setting up router port forwarding - with consequent security issues. I cannot get him to change password regularly (at 96 he is using webmail email, Skype, some on line games, and Internet banking, but password management is proving an issue). So not a practical solution.

2 Setting up VPN access

however the necessary changes will be beyond him or his helper.

I am sure that in earlier versions of Windows I had done it without such added complications?

Have you got any suggestions for alternative remote access options software/services?
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 w10 rmote access - DP
I use TeamViewer for the in-laws PC. It's easy to use, reliable, and free for personal use. There's also a lite/quick version that doesn't actually install anything on the PC, so no admin privileges or password entry necessary, if that's a consideration.

I have put a shortcut on the desktop of their machine. If they have issues, they simply double click it, read me the session ID and password over the phone, and I'm in moments later.
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 w10 rmote access - No FM2R
>>I use TeamViewer for the in-laws PC

Exactly what I do with my Father's PC. Have done for years, it works really well, and double-clicking an icon is simple enough not to cause confusion or difficulty.
 w10 rmote access - devonite
i also use Team Viewer, It's very good, however, the only problem I have with it is if I need to shutdown and restart, it needs someone at the other end to log me in again, or at least it did when I last used it (sometime last year) has this been resolved in newer versions yet?.
 w10 rmote access - VxFan
The IT support use team viewer on our PCs at work when we have problems and they need to remotely access them.
 w10 rmote access - No FM2R
>>has this been resolved in newer versions yet?.

Yes. Actually make that "Yes, I think so". My only doubt is that I was sure this had been resolved like 3 or 4 years ago at least but you say you last used it a year ago.

I'll try to get around to testing it later.
 w10 rmote access - sherlock47
Thankyou for those replies.

I will try TeamViewer and report back.
 w10 rmote access - smokie
I was an intermittent team viewer user till they deemed that my usage pattern was not that of a personal person and now my sessions abort after about a minute.

I did contact support but no response.

I liked it though.
 w10 rmote access - Mike H
I think somewhere along the line you've got some wrong information here. I occasionally use my Windows 10 pro machine here in Austria to access my father's Windows 10 home machine in the UK. Doesn't need any router changes or VPNs, it just works. I wouldn't say it's reliable, it seems to occasionally drop the connection and it's a little slow, but we get by. We've recently upgraded our broadband connection, so I'm hoping it will improve matters.
 w10 remote access update - sherlock47
Just an update - TeamViewer installed and working well - thanks to all who suggested it.

For the benefit of anybody else who is thinking of doing a similar thing, just some notes.

It will only work when the remote machine is powered up and W10 is running. It is possible to configure the Wake-on-LAN option with Teamviewer, but then requires a dedicated IP address or to use a DynamicDNS service. Whilst I may configure this when I am back in the UK, it now provides most of what I need. I will probably adjust the sleep options so that that his machine stays awake longer after his bedtime!

The following article is well worth reading
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