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 Extra spam via Hotmail - Iffy
Any Hotmail users noticed an increase in spam in the last few days?

I have.

In the past, only one or two spam items would reach my inbox in a week.

Now I'm getting 10 or 12 a day.

Don't think it's anything I've done.

Hopefully, Microsoft will beef up (ho-ho) the spam filter.

Any comments/suggestions welcome.
 Extra spam via Hotmail - MD
None noticed, however I am an infrequent user at the 'Hot' mail thing.
 Extra spam via Hotmail - Zero
no, none of my 7 hotmail accounts are showing any extra activity.
 Extra spam via Hotmail - John H
>> Any Hotmail users noticed an increase in spam in the last few days?

>> Any comments/suggestions welcome.

Strange that you are getting more spam, when, according to today's report below, Microsoft Live products (which includes hotmail) especially should be seeing a lot less spam.
Security researchers have disrupted the botnet known as Pushdo, a coup that over the past 48 hours has almost completely choked the torrent of junkmail from the once-prolific spam network.
 Extra spam via Hotmail - Bellboy
i only use my hotmail account for preferred users and only log in manually
maybe this is why its such a pleasure to use
forgot to say,ive never had any spam
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 Extra spam via Hotmail - Iffy
John H,

Thanks for the link.

Mind, I have to admit I'm struggling a bit with the lingo.

Botnet, white hats, pushdo, captchas.

Means not a lot to me.

 Extra spam via Hotmail - John H
If It Helps you, look up

A botnet (also known as a zombie army) is a number of Internet computers that, although their owners are unaware of it, have been set up to forward transmissions (including spam or viruses) to other computers on the Internet. Any such computer is referred to as a zombie - in effect, a computer "robot" or "bot" that serves the wishes of some master spam or virus originator.


white hat


 Extra spam via Hotmail - Pat
I've had an email this morning ( not Hotmail) telling me in great detail how to change the transmission fluid in a BMW.

Doing a bit of detective work, it originates for here

Now I've never been on that website or owned a BMW, so why would that happen?

 Extra spam via Hotmail - Tooslow
No, running at the usual low levels, close to zero. Just one in the past 24 hours.

 Extra spam via Hotmail - Iffy

The spurt is over - spam in inbox levels now back to normal.

I've done nothing, hopefully it was just a blip.

Thanks to those who contributed.
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