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 Medion laptop parts? - smokie
Anyone know of a source for parts for Medion laptops?

I have a SIM 2110 (which may be the same as a MD 96698) on which the fan isn't turning.

I contacted Medion directly by email yesterday but so far no reply. Will ry calling their hotline when it's open.

Can anyone suggest somewhere that I can buy the part? I've looked extensively and can't find anywhere.
 Medion laptop parts? - Tooslow
s, I'd be surprised if the fan were a Medion specific item. Fans tend to be sold simply by their size (diameter of blade). Take a look at a few photos of fans at places like Scan or Microdirect see what you think.

If it's a standard fan (we're talking about a case fan?) it will have a screw at each corner. You could take it out and go to, say, Maplins to compare with one in store side by side. They're only a few pounds but it's worth paying extra for a quiet one.

 Medion laptop parts? - smokie
Being a laptop, they seem to come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately you are right and that's what I will do, but if I could reliably order the right part that would be preferred.

However, I just called Medion (0871 number pah!) and they cannot supply the part, or advise the part number or anything - they suggestion was to remove the fan and take it to Maplins! They have a minimum charge of £100 to fix.

Sod's law eh? I sorted out my room and just eBayed stuff which went for about £300, looks like that might have to be spent on a new lappy...
 Medion laptop parts? - Falkirk Bairn
It is not a Medion laptop.

It is, in all probability, a laptop made in China by a company we are unlikely to have heard off. Medion will buy from source, say 1,000 / month and put their badge and pack it in their box. The cardboard box might be made/printed in Europe.

Buying from an HP/Lenovo, Toshiba etc they will specify and have built, in China or somewhere, to their specification and their parts list................that still not guarantee parts availability but sometimes it does.
 Medion laptop parts? - Tooslow
agh, sorry. Missed "laptop" somehow.

I'm off to write out 100 times, "I must read more carefully".


 Medion laptop parts? - Stuartli
It's a possibility that your Medion laptop was made by Austrian manufacturer Gericom, apparently Europe's largest producer of such products:

Medion is a German distributing company and doesn't actually manufacture any of its products, but generally sources them in Europe for sale through its partners in the States and Europe.

I recall a while back that Medion had a load of complaints about one Gericom sourced laptop model..:-)
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 Medion laptop parts? - Zero
Fans in laptops are highly specific items. Or thats how it looks. Closer inspection often reveals they are standard type fans in special housings or ducts. It may be possible to disect the housing or duct and replace the actual fan with another.

The power plug will probably be unique.

This is one of the problems of buying medion stuff. Outside warranty support is not existent.
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 Medion laptop parts? - Stuartli
Seems that the Advent brand could also be involved with later Medion laptops - these are produced by ECS (Elite Computer Systems) in Taiwan, the world's fourth largest mobo manufacturer, which also produces other OEM products for various companies.

About 10 years ago I bought an Elite motherboard that was the world's first dual Slot1/Socket370 offering and which served me well for some years. Unfortunately, although I had an example of each CPU, they couldn't be operated together...:-(

These links may help pinpoint the OEM manufacturer:
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 Medion laptop parts? - Dog
Sub £350 Laptops
 Medion laptop parts? - Victorbox
Is it like this one?

Or any of these? Two listed here for Medion MAM2100
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 Medion laptop parts? - smokie
Dunno, can't get the blooming thing apart.

Thanks for the heads up though...
 Medion laptop parts? - Victorbox
>> Dunno, can't get the blooming thing apart.
>> Thanks for the heads up though...

That's what I love about my 8 year old IBM Thinkpad - umpteen manuals online including exploded views with detailed instructions from the manufacturer.
 Medion laptop parts? - rtj70
When I had to take my sons second hand iBook apart to fix the motherboard (well not quite fix - it will have a broken pin on a chip) the screws were under the rubber feet on the base. Some laptops have access to the insides (as did the iBook as well) via the keyboard.

So don't give in smokie! It's broken anyway. There have to be some screws somewhere. My replacement laptop when my other broken (just after getting Windows 7 BTW) has a nifty feature for the fan. Press on the left of the case and it stops.... cue broken laptop soon. I'm due a new one soon I guess - had this one for years but it's still good enough unfortunately (2 x 2GHz Core 2 Duo and 4Gb RAM).
 Medion laptop parts? - Tooslow
Yeah and you can STILL get the valves! :-)

 Medion laptop parts? - rtj70
Joking aside, any spares are likely to be second hand and expensive though. The son's old iBook needs a new motherboard. Getting a working one when a design fault caused the problems is (a) a gamble and (b) expensive. Hence the workaround with some plastic putting pressure on the chip. Working so far a long while later.

Laptops are not robust enough IMO. I think the problem on my current work laptop (and the one that broke with fan problems before being the same model) is the flexing of the case. I tend to pick it up using the left hand side (where the fan is).... pressure over time seems to have caused problems. Makes you wonder if Apple were onto something with their machining of cases from solid aluminium blocks. Expensive though.
 Medion laptop parts? - AnotherJohnH
A bit late, but this place

is fairly useful as an unofficial source of medion info.

Quick look didn't help with a fan for your machine, but a more diligent search might.

AFAIR you need to register, but it hasn't bothered me in the 6 months since I did.
 Medion laptop parts? - smokie
Just sorted this. I manage to prise it all apart and reach the fan. A large layer of dust across the bit it was blowing (or sucking?) air through, into the computer. Removed it and it seems fine now.

Thanks to all for help - links kept for future reference.
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