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 Hotmail & computer problems - Roger.
A friend of my daughter has been experiencing problems in sending photos as attachments in Hotmail.
A .docx file was received by me OK.

On another forum I visit I found this, identical query.

"I cannot attach a photo to an email in Hotmail as it is showing a message "IE has blocked this site from using Active X control in an unsafe manner". I tried in Mozilla Firefox but the icon to attach photos doesn't even appear as an option. It was working OK the other day. Hotmail has changed its format recently so I don't know if it's something to do with that. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? A few months ago there was a problem with uploading photos as an attachment but I'm not sure whether this is a new problem with Hotmail or my computer."

Any ideas?
I've got her to reset her security level in IE to the default, with no result.
On my recommendation she has tried with Firefox, but can only upload 1 photo per message, not the multiple compressed photos she used to be able to do previously.
Using MY IE8 and my Hotmail account, via, I have been able to send her both a .jpg and a .gif file.
I'm stumped now!
 Hotmail & computer problems - AshT
Try Google Chrome: -

For what it's worth I had a few problems using Hotmail with Galeon and Firefox over the last couple of weeks, which I got around by using Chrome, but all seems to be working now.
 Hotmail & computer problems - Zero
Certain active x commands have been blocked. Check security settings, custom level.

 Hotmail & computer problems - Roger.
It only appears if you allow an ActiveX control from Microsoft to be installed which allows the uploading of compressed photos.
This feature is not available in Hotmail when using FF. Chrome or Opera.
Seems odd that Hotmail doesn't trust an MS Active X!
I've tried altering permissions in security, but have not yet found the culprit.
It looks like an MS bug, to me!
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