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 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
Anyone else having problems with Facebook?

Each time I access it (it's an open tab), everything goes into 'treacle' mode. This never used to happen.

Firefox, Windows 10 pro.
 Facebook problem - devonite
Mine was doing that yesterday! - tis ok today! - just your turn today ;-)
 Facebook problem - MD
 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
It was suggested there could be a script running, so I tried facebook again and eventually got :
warning unresponsive script

Went into task manager and found disk 100% and CPU 99% usage.

Google found me a YesScript add-on, but unfortunately the instructions bore little resemblance to the on-screen details. I eventually managed to get a script icon appear on screen and get facebook blacklisted, however when I open facebook now get the following message:
JavaScript Required
We're sorry, but Facebook doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. If you can't enable JavaScript, try visiting the mobile-optimized website.

Anyone suggest where I go from here?
 Facebook problem - RichardW
Try Chrome?
 Facebook problem - smokie
... or Microsoft Edge, just to see if it's the browser (it almost definitely is...)
 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
Seems fine when opened in Edge.

How is it the browser, I can open lots of other stuff in Firefox without problems?
 Facebook problem - smokie
Dunno, stuff gets screwed up sometimes...

Try opening Firefox in Safe mode, to rule out add-ons.

Help -> Restart with Add-ons disabled

(Open Help Menu is the little question mark in a grey circle at the bottom of the panel which comes up when you click the three lines, where you get to settings)

EDIT maybe something like a FB cookie is jiggered
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 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
Done that and it seems to be much better. although I'd forgotten how annoying adverts are. I presume the adverts are now slowing it down as it's not quite as fast as I remember. Did I not mention I run Adblocker..........................

Thanks for leading me by the nose through the procedure, I expect it would have taken me some time to find it through Google. I suppose I should now remove my add-ons one at a time to see if it's one of them, or should I investigate cookies?
 Facebook problem - smokie
Add ons.
 Facebook problem - Stuartli
Try clearing the web cache regularly in Firefox: Tools>Options>Advanced (from left hand menu)>Clear Cached Web Content.
 Facebook problem - smokie
That's all very well in a Good Housekeeping way but the problem seems to be related to add ons, not the cache, doesn't it?
 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
Looks like it may have been caused by Adblock plus. I've removed that and replaced it with uBlock Origin.

I'll see how it goes and report back after a few days, when it's had a chance to prove itself.

Many thanks for the help and advice.
 Facebook problem - Roger.
If you haven't already, may I suggest you give(Fluff Busting) Facebook Purity a go as an add-on?
You can configure quite granular control over what appears on, and how it is shown on Facebook.
It's free, but the author solicits a small donation.
 Facebook problem - Stuartli
I still find that Facebook and other websites are much quicker if you clear the Firefox/Waterfox cache regularly...:-)
 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
I spoke too soon, after working OK for a couple of days, I've just got the 'script error' message and the PC locked up. I eventually got it to open task manager after about half-an-hour and close firefox (nothing else would respond).
 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
I now access facebook with edge, but yesterday I got the 'script error' message again while using firefox.
I did a scan of my PC last night and it found PupInstallCore/Variant. A google of it throws up inconsistencies as to whether or not it should be removed. Anyone here offer advice?
 Facebook problem - Manatee
Get rid, if it causes a problem with anything else just reinstall the anything else.

Have you tried malwarebytes, does it identify it?
 Facebook problem - bathtub tom
>>Have you tried malwarebytes, does it identify it?

I'd removed the PUP before running malwarebytes, it returned "threats detected 0".
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