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 Printer recommendations. - R.P.
Become a very confusing market since I bought my last one, an excellent but rather ink thirsty, Canon MP560 - this has died sadly after 7 years service.

Needs are a WiFi enabled scanner/printer.

Any ideas..?

 Printer recommendations. - sajid
another canon make sure it can take compatible inks
 Printer recommendations. - devonite
I recently bought a Cannon Pixma mp530 for half price in the sales, very pleased with it! - Easy to install and set up and the wi-fi works well!
 Printer recommendations. - smokie
I bought an Epson XP-820 a few years back. I'd never had Epson before but it's been fine. There is a later version, XP-830 and it's about £160 on Amazon . Mine takes compatibles, and it uses separate cartridges which I personally think might work out cheaper than a single cartridge as if one colour is low you can just replace that rather than the whole thing.

However I use it more for scanning than printing and it has a double sided automatic document feeder which takes at least 10 pages and that makes scanning multi page documents easy. I can't say how well it prints photo quality as I've never used it.

So although it's quite pricey I'm happy with it, It also has WiFi and also fax (remember fax? :-) )

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 Printer recommendations. - Stuartli
I have a Canon MG7550 (as doumented in the forum), a high quality wi-fi scanner/copier/printer, that cost around £129 about a year ago.

it churns out superb prints, including those using the compatible inks from:

The inks can be replaced on an individual basis.

 Printer recommendations. - Pat
I've got a Cannon MG4250 and I can't fault it.

It does all my work printing (and there are a lot of hand outs to print each week) as well as the charity newsletter 'Flysheet' each year and never seems to miss a beat.

 Printer recommendations. - movilogo
Before selection make sure you searched for availability of cheap replacement ink.

Running cost of printer could be more than that of your cars :-)

My 12-yr old inkjet giving trouble - so I'm looking for new one too.

 Printer recommendations. - Pat
I always use genuine Canon cartridges but save the empty ones and sell them on Ebay.

They fetch a surprisingly good price batched properly!

 Printer recommendations. - Focal Point
"They fetch a surprisingly good price batched properly!"

I also use only genuine Canon cartridges and give the used ones to charity shops - many, but not all, of which will take them.
 Printer recommendations. - henry k
>>I have a Canon MG7550
Me too and I am also very happy with it.
IIRC available in Black,White or Orange.
I have used compatible inks from several sources and all worked OK.
It takes six cartridges so I can just change each one as it runs out.

I now have a set of refillable cartridges but yet to try them out.
 Printer recommendations. - Stuartli
>>I now have a set of refillable cartridges but yet to try them out.>>

It's really not worth the faffing about as compatibles are reasonably priced and you only, as has been the case with Canon (and Epson) over many years, have to replace a cartridge when it has run out of ink.

Once you've got inkjet ink on your fingers or hands (or carpet), it's the devil of a job to get rid of it....:-(
 Printer recommendations. - rtj70
I had a Canon PIXMA IP5000 for years and never did find compatibles that were any use for photo printing. I tried quite a few and gave up. I had tried more recently from but the print head had got blocked... not blaming the compatibles. I rarely used the printer.

So I wanted a replacement and one that could do duplex and printing on CD/DVD. I didn't need a scanner. I got a PIXMA again. An IP7250. It has WiFi. I risked getting it because it was not 100% compatible at the time with the latest MacOS.

I have used compatibles from Incredible without a problem. A lot cheaper. Quality of printing is excellent. Only negative is it takes a while to start printing if it's gone into standby (not off, I leave it on.... from off it takes even longer).
 Printer recommendations. - Roger.
I bought a cheap HP3630 for £44.99
Wireless and eligible for HP's instant ink scheme, which starts from as little as £1.99 per month.
It's good enough and even if I use that, it's only 24 quid a year. My old HP printer cartridges were about £26 a set (1 black and 3 colours)and certainly didn't last for 12 months.
 Printer recommendations. - Stuartli
Further to my comments about the Canon MG7550, this inkjet compatible cartridges supplier has been mentioned to me (there are, of course, cartridges for various printers on offer):

The prices are remarkable and, it's claimed, many of the cartridges listed are produced in an American ISO certified factory...
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 Printer recommendations. - R.P.
Got an el-cheapo Canon TS5050. Does everything. Probably have to sell a kidney for ink. Thanks all.
 Printer recommendations. - Stuartli
>>Probably have to sell a kidney for ink>>

 Printer recommendations. - madf
My Samsung ML-1520 Laser Printer is 12 years old and still perfectly serviceable.

Just saying..
 Printer recommendations. - Stuartli
>>.. and still perfectly serviceable.>>

I'm not in the slightest bit surprised...:-)
 Printer recommendations. - Ambo
My Canon MG5350 has two annoying features. It often fails to start until it has undergone some procedure of its own, whirring away then starting again several times before finally allowing printing to take place. In addition, it will not always allow me to select between the two paper sources available, tray and rear stand-up stack, giving priory to the tray.

 Printer recommendations. - VxFan
>> It often fails to start until it has undergone some procedure of its own, whirring away then starting again several times before finally allowing printing to take place. In addition,

Sounds like its going through a head cleaning procedure.
 Printer recommendations. - Ambo
It happens so often they must get very dirty.
 Printer recommendations. - Stuartli
>> It happens so often they must get very dirty.>>

If the printer has been switched off, it will more than likely go through the routine. I find that leaving a printer switched on saves ink being wasted in this way if you use it regularly.
 Printer recommendations. - rtj70
My Canon printer remains on - it still goes through some sort of routine before it prints. Not as long a routine as when it is actually off.
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