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 Sat Nav Update Help - nice but dim
I've been asked to try and update a Tom Tom sat nav. Now I dont use sat navs at all, I use mobile phones, much better. But as I'm deemed the technical one at work, and its a work device - i must have a look before I chuck it away.

On the bottom is says Tom Tom one 3rd Edition 4N01.002

Plugged in and installed the TT software on the root of the device (or do I get the latest TT software off their website)?

I've done some map share update thing but its not showing a road near me laid in 2014, I would have expected to see it after the update.

I assume all map updates are free?
 Sat Nav Update Help - rtj70
>> I assume all map updates are free?

No you have to buy new maps. Map share is the updates contributors have shared.

What version map do you have on this? And what country is it?

Try this link for the latest UK map download:

But it would be £34.95 if it's even available for this old Tom Tom One 3rd edition.
 Sat Nav Update Help - nice but dim
Thanks Rob, I'm not even going there suggesting him updating maps, just gave it back to him.

He was looking online at new satnav anyway., so hopefully (his) issue solved.

I couldn't tell what version it was, but the start splash screen states 2009.

Too much hassle, I'll stick to my Windows Phone maps!
 Sat Nav Update Help - Duncan
>> Thanks Rob, I'm not even going there suggesting him updating maps, just gave it back

There are so many free, phone based sat nav apps out there. Is it worth buying a physical sat nav device?
 Sat Nav Update Help - rtj70
I've not turned my TomTom 720 on in years. Last used in my Mazda6 sometime in 2011. I bet it doesn't even turn on.

When abroad I've used sat nav on my phone and instead of using a mount just use a Bluetooth headset for spoken directions. Works well. I never used to have data enabled when I went abroad and Google didn't do great offline directions so I also have TomTom on the phone with European maps available.

The advantage of a sat nav unit of course is you can share it with others who drive the vehicle it's installed in.
 Sat Nav Update Help - rtj70
The issue with the TomTom One 3rd Edition 4N01.002 and newer maps is they might not fit on the internal storage. Does it support SD Cards - thankfully my TT720 did.
 Sat Nav Update Help - busbee
I got a TomTom email a few weeks ago, saying map updates for their new models are free, but they are now discontinued for the other models. Software is not suitable for the new maps.
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