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 Email to TV - Ambo
How can I access my email on my TV please?
 Email to TV - spamcan61
Well back in 2002 I did it from my phone to my TV via the Sky Box:-)

Seems possible on some TVs at least:-
 Email to TV - smokie
Need to know more about your setup really - is it a smart TV, how is it connected, how do you usually get your email etc etc?
 Email to TV - Ambo
I'm sorry to delay responding, Smokie, but I decided to wait until a new Smart TV had been installed. This is a Panasonic 40DX700B and the link has been made so that I can stream from Amazon, Netflix etc. ( If relevant, two of the three HDMI slots are in use, for a PVR and a Blu Ray player.)

My computer is in another room, with the router, and I use Outlook 2007 to send and receive email. I don't want to attach a physical keyboard to my TV so in the event there is no virtual keyboard, I could settle for "read only".
 Email to TV - rtj70
The Panasonic TV uses Firefox OS. That operating system supports apps but whether you can add an email app to the Panasonic TV is something someone needs to look into for you.

If you can add apps then the setting up of email might be straightforward.

If you do setup email on the TV, it makes sense to use IMAP4 on the TV and PC because then emails you read/delete etc. are updated correctly before the other device then downloads the same emails. You don't want to manage the emails twice.
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 Email to TV - Stuartli
I use Universal Media Server and/or Plex to connect my PC and Panasonic SmartTV (a 2010 model so not as advanced as modern sets)..

Whether it could be used to also add e-mails to seeing the PC's hard drive contents I'm not sure (I have other means of getting e-mails as well as the desktop), but it could be worth a try. See:

There are also video tutorials on-line which can be viewed if you Google for them.
 Email to TV - rtj70
I wonder if ambo's email is accessible via a web browser. Because his TV does have a web browser (Firefox).
 Email to TV - smokie
Somewhere he said he doesn't want a keyboard so I'd give up on the idea of email on TV. It's pretty pointless to just look at headers!! However if he can get a browser you can usually get webmail from your ISP.
 Email to TV - Ambo
Giving up the idea is what I have decided but thanks to all for helping me make up my mind.
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