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 Windows 10 Log In - Robbie34
Over the week-end I had a problem opening Windows on my PC. Normally, my PC boots up in a few seconds - SSD for OS - but on this occasion it asked for my password. I have never set up a password for any of my PCs. I tried my Google password and then my Microsoft but to no avail. I was unable to go beyond the opening screen.

Some time later I tried again with same result so assumed there was a problem with the OS. I used my recovery disc and it reverted to Windows7. I have now reinstalled Windows10 and I had to set up a password. Consequently, I have to do this whenever I start my PC.

Was the original problem caused by an update to Windows10? Is it possible to start Windows again without a password?
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 Windows 10 Log In - Stuartli
 Windows 10 Log In - Falkirk Bairn
Had a similar experience with a new laptop & win10 in October.

HP downloaded new patches for firmware & drivers, MS Win 10 decided it needed new updates - this all took about 2 hours to download (no fibre in the exchange!).

Rebooted PC & the log-in pin did not work. It insisted on PW & offered the MS Password as an option. System booted but then you have to go into delete the "old pin" & put in a "new one" - I used same pin & it did not object.

The pin number is stored, encrypted on the laptop, the MS Password is held on MS site.

No problem since but a bit unnerving on Day 1 when you are trying to get to grips with a new piece of hardware, a new operating system, new firmware & getting rid of the bloatware.
 Windows 10 Log In - Robbie34
Thanks for that Stuart.

The process isn't quite correct but I have managed to get round it.

When you click on start there is nowhere to enter "netplwiz." I clicked on Windows System and there was an icon "run." Opened this and entered netplwiz, then followed the instruction.

I'll restart and see if it works.

 Windows 10 Log In - Robbie34
Thanks. It worked.
 Windows 10 Log In - Stuartli
Excellent. Well done.
 Windows 10 Log In - smokie
Right clicking Start gives you other options, including Run...
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