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 My Documents order - Ambo
I have 28 folders in My Documents plus 10 files for single documents such as letterheads. Each of the lists appeared in A-Z order. Now it is Z-A although I don't think I made any alteration. How can I restore the A-Z order please? I have Windows 7 Home Premium and Office 2007 Professional Suite.

While I am at it, Happy New Year.

 My Documents order - tyrednemotional
Above the list of documents/files in the "My Documents" view there should be a heading - "Name".

Click on this and it will reverse the order of listing (it toggles the ascending/descending by "name" order)
 My Documents order - VxFan
What he said.

Likewise with any of the headers "name" "date" "type" "size" etc., clicking on them will sort them into A-Z, Z-A, oldest to newest date and vice versa, smallest size to largest size and vice versa.
 My Documents order - Ambo
Excellent. Thanks to both.
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