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 Spotify or we7 - Crankcase
I pay my dues for Spotify Premium and wouldn't be without it, although I almost never listen to music on it.

Just found we7.

What do the panel think? Anyone using it? Seems a tad clunkier and slower than Spotify so far, but looks as though it's half the price.
 Spotify or we7 - rtj70
Why pay for Spotify if you rarely listen? SPotify supports and offline mode for iPod/iPhone - does We7?
 Spotify or we7 - Crankcase
I didn't say I rarely listen, I just don't listen to music! Eg - spent a couple of hours the other night listening to Flanders and Swann(well I suppose that is music of a sort...).

Good point about the iPod thingies though, although I don't have any of that kind of kit so I'm not worried either way.

 Spotify or we7 - Focusless
I've recommended we7 in the past as a Spotify alternative, but I'm afraid I only use the free service, and I haven't used Spotify because I'm in linux. I'd agree though that we7 isn't as quick as I'd like it to be, but then I'm not paying for it.
 Spotify or we7 - RattleandSmoke
Not got round to signing up to Spotify but might do as I can then use it on my Nokia phone when I am away. If they are both free then We7 has better sound quality as none premium version of Spotify has low bit rates.

Spotify is by far easier to use than We7 but I use We7 on my linux laptop as Spotify does not work properly under Wine (is actually issue with Wine's sound drivers on my laptop).

 Spotify or we7 - Focusless
>> Not got round to signing up to Spotify but might do as I can then
>> use it on my Nokia phone when I am away.

We7 launched a 'mobile' service the other day, but at the moment it only works on the iPhone ('other handsets will follow').
 Spotify or we7 - Crankcase
Ta Rattle - I notice that if you pay the opposite is true about bit rates. Spotify offer 320kbps, whereas WE7 "only" offers 192. Not sure if that makes a lot of difference to be honest.

Just tried we7 again to listen to a thunderstorm, as you do. There's something about it that makes me go back - but it's still annoyingly sluggish.

 Spotify or we7 - Bellboy
with spotify i find it brings up lots of variations on a theme which is great
with we7 i find it very slow in comparison and you have to input everything
i never got round to paying for it as i dont feel the need
cant understand why some cant get it running in wine though and if you use the latest incarnations of umbongo its even had an easy downloadable little click click for spoty
 Spotify or we7 - Aaron C. Rescue
Funnily enough I've been trying to get Spotify to sound right under Wine on Ubuntu 9 on my (nearly) new laptop tonight. And failed.

Just checked out We7- does it really stick adverts in the middle of playing tracks, or was that a one-off? (new Gorillaz album).
 Spotify or we7 - Focusless
>> (new Gorillaz album).

Which track?
 Spotify or we7 - Focusless
>> Which track?

If you mean between tracks, then yes (unless you pay for it).
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 Spotify or we7 - Aaron C. Rescue
Was track 1, and it stuck the ad right in the middle.
 Spotify or we7 - Focusless
>> Was track 1 and it stuck the ad right in the middle.

I think the problem is that track one is only a minute long and is an 'intro' into track 2 - there's no break in the music. But the we7 player doesn't know that :(
 Spotify or we7 - Aaron C. Rescue
Ah- thats what it was. Thanks Focus.
 Spotify or we7 - Aaron C. Rescue
I think I'm liking We7 more, after a couple of days with it (free version).

It seems to have a more comprehensive set of artists, albums, and tracks.

To my ears, the quality is slightly worse than Spotify. But still listenable. I think my
network is getting pounded less, as well. I'm guessing that it doesnt cache and repeat in the way that Spotify does.

And- no Lexus adverts either!
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