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 Good news for WinXP users - VxFan
Microsoft has decided to continue providing virus warnings for the ageing Windows XP operating system until 2015.

The warnings were due to end on 8 April 2014 when all other support for the software is scheduled to stop.

However, the numbers still running the 12-year-old operating system convinced it to provide more help.

However, it's not all good news, security patches, regular updates and bug fixes for XP will stop as scheduled on 8 April.
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 Good news for WinXP users - RattleandSmoke
I am sick of XP to be honest, my offical line is I will continue to support it till 8th of April but after that date I am happy to service it on a no warranty basis (software).

I am already advising all XP customers to upgrade or buy a new computer not really any point on just upgrading the OS though any PC still running XP is probably due for a replacement anyway.

Windows 7 is the way forward, unless you go to PCWORLD and end up with Windows 8 (god help them!).

I do have Windows 8.1 on my office machine but I have many elderly customers that really struggle with the Metro side of things.
 Good news for WinXP users - devonite
Sounds like "The operating system that would'nt die" is terminally ill! - shame really cos I really liked XP! -then again I liked '98!
 Good news for WinXP users - spamcan61
Well the 'daily use' machines here at Spamcan Towers are all Vista or Win7, my spare desktop and Netbook will remain on XP for now. Not much new in Win7 worth paying for, plus I find the bug where folder contents in Windows Explorer in Win7 don't auto refresh when files are added/deleted rather annoying. USB handling better though.
 Good news for WinXP users - Stuartli
>>Not much new in Win7 worth paying for>>

You might see it that way, but reliable though XP proved Windows7 is leagues ahead again in that respect. Never used Windows8 or 8.1 so can't say if they are further improvement.
 Good news for WinXP users - spamcan61
I've not had many BSOD with XP, maybe a couple a year per PC, certainly not enough to go buy Win7. Only time I've had to slash and burn a home PC was when Spamette Minor's Vista laptop was trashed by a Windows update. :-/

My film scanner is SCSI connected and I'm too lazy to see if that'll work under Win7.
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