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 unidentified network problem - devonite
Friends laptop (win 7) has recently stopped identifying the home network, it connects to the router, but cant identify the network so has no internet access. Two other laptops an ipad and the "on demand" telly all connect normally without problem. If we open "show all networks" all the seen networks have the "connect automatically" boxes ticked, and unticking them only lasts until the laptop is rebooted, then they auto-tick themselves again. If we connect to any unsecured network we get internet access instantly, likewise it connects fine to the router at my home. We can only get it to connect to his router and identifying the network by rebooting the router every time we want to connect! - Anybody offer any ideas please?

 unidentified network problem - Zero
On the router, reset it back into factory settings.

On the PC, from device manager delete the wireless adaptor and device drivers, reboot and allow it to find and reload them.

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 unidentified network problem - devonite
Thanks for the pointers Z, it turned out the router had gone duff, new one on its way from BT.
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