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 Music software suggestions - BobbyG
I am looking to make one music track, filled with intros from a whole load of songs for use in a quiz. I then want to be able to upload this to youtube or some such place for friends to listen.

Any idea what free software would do this? Would also prefer if I could add to it as I go along?
 Music software suggestions - Zero
I edit all my soundtracks with Audacity. You can load songs, in many formats, and cut and paste sections of them into one longer one.

You may have youtube problems tho, you will run foul of their very clever copyrite audio matching system. It may get pulled at worse, at best you will have adds plastered on it.
 Music software suggestions - BobbyG
I will try downloading Audacity to see what its like - never thought of that for youtube. Might need to use dropbox or something similar.
 Music software suggestions - sherlock47
Another vote for Audacity.

A quick tip if you wish to do some unattended copying - You can chop up a long file using something like Slice ( to find gaps and generate separate files for each track. You can then sort the files by size to get rid of adverts that are short. However some broadcasters are getting wise and fade track/adverts into each other to defeat this method.
 Music software suggestions - FocalPoint
Audacity - super program.
 Music software suggestions - Fandango
Audacity is nice for semi-music editing, but it has more limits than features. ;)
If you want to work on a "more professional" level, try Cubase SX5 (or later). It´s an awesome program which makes big studios look "out of date". :D
It´s not free but your options are limitless. Almost every Instrument,awesome sound/loop/mediabay-libraries. Every plugIn you might ever need for recordings and so on....:D
I work with this program since 2004 and it never fails to amaze me....even after 10 years of workin with it.
 Music software suggestions - Fenlander
A further vote for Audacity... it is absolutely fine for BobbyG's needs... my daughter does some pretty impressive audio editing for YouTube with it.

My cousin uses Cubase as he has a studio and records for several bands. At £400+ for the current full version it is totally wasted on a bit of DIY YouTubing.
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