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 Lost "password retainer" - Ambo
Up till recently I had a useful gimmick which asked me if I wanted to have my details retained. It was very useful for low-security sites, like this one, as I only had to type in the first letter of my email address for full address and password to show, hence quick entry.

Apart from a brief foray into Chrome, and a quick exit, I am not aware of any changes. I have Windows 7, IE11. Internet Options/Active X/Pop-up Blocker have nothing to offer. Can anyone point me to the correct control please?
 Lost "password retainer" - smokie
Not that familiar with IE but in advanced settings there are some to do with auto-complete which may require turning on, this should mean your email address will show. In Chrome when you first visit a site it offers to remember your password, I guess there is similar in IE. So fix the first bit and the second may resolve itself.
 Lost "password retainer" - VxFan
If it's like previous versions of IE, then it'll be in the Tools>Internet Options. Click on the Content tab, then click on the Autocomplete 'settings' and tick the required boxes. Save and exit out of the menus.
 Lost "password retainer" - No FM2R
But if you have run anything like CCleaner or similar it may well have deleted the records.
 Lost "password retainer" - Ambo
I have run CCleaner but this made no difference before.

Fiddling with Content has enabled me to get my email address automatically but still not the passwords.
 Lost "password retainer" - No FM2R
One of the "tickable" options in CCleaner is to clear stored passwords.
 Lost "password retainer" - Victorbox
In I.E. Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > restore Advanced Settings or even Reset if the other option doesn't work.
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