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 Booting from a specific CD - smokie
I've downloaded an ISO image and created a DVD and a CD from it (I realised after creating the DVD that it's supposed to be a CD). The image is known as Hiren's Boot CD and is a collection of utilities for repairing systems - and it may well contain some dodgy stuff, but that's by the by really.

Both discs boot fine in my laptop and I get the menu. In my desktop I *think* it is booting but the menu never comes up. I do see some words blink really fast on the screen. I'm all right with how to boot from CD, and have plenty of other CD and DVDs which boot fine on the machine. I tried Googling but am getting millions of hits and having read quite a few now without any success I though I'd ask here. Any ideas anyone? (My latest idea is to add an autoexec.bat to the CD to see if it reaches it, then try to work out what it's doing from there)
 Booting from a specific CD - rtj70
Never heard of this CD. For fixing Windows boxes I usually either boot up a Live Linux CD or use Bart PE.

This sounds like the desktop does not like what's on the CD (Drivers?) because it works on the laptop.
 Booting from a specific CD - car4play
I am not an expert in Windows (haha - you all know that!). But I assume that the ISO created the boot disk for you. I mean you just turned the ISO into a boot disk using your burner software.
That presumably created the filing system for you on the CD.
Maybe it used GUID partition instead of MBR (Master boot record). GUID only being readable by newer systems - - and your PC is older than your laptop?
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