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 Chrome - Ambo
I use Google as a browser, with IE (I think version 9 - how do I find out?)

What extra does the Chrome version offer? Does installing it involve altering settings for e.g. Pop-Up Blocker etc?
 Chrome - Robin O'Reliant
I use Chrome and it does have a pop up blocker. I found it a lot quicker than IE9, though you can now get IE11 which may or may not be better.
 Chrome - rtj70
>> I use Google as a browser, with IE

No you use IE as a browser. Google's browser is Chrome.

You can get a pop-up blocker for IE but Chrome will come with it's own built in blocker. I prefer Chrome to IE personally. You can just install Chrome and start using it. You might want to set it as your default browser to open URL's in say emails etc.
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 Chrome - Dog
I used to use Chrome in the main but since I updated IE to IE 11 I'm tending to use that more than Chrome.

I don't get any pop-ups or see any ads on this site at all at all.
 Chrome - sherlock47
You need to keep IE available on your machine (if you change the default browser to Chrome). Some sites eg Microsoft require it for certain things - and historically some banking sites were a little touchy about Chrome, Not sure that the latter is still true.
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