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 Connection problems - Ambo
For the last 6 days, I have had problems getting through to a website URL given in a posting on, e.g. Car4play, also opening one financial site at all. By sheer chance I discovered a way in - press Ctrl while clicking on the URL. A third address box is then added to the two at the top of the page and the correct address appears in this. Click on it and the site opens.

Something similar has happened to a financial site which can be opened in the same way except that the "eyebrow" to check the spelling of the asterisked password does not work, although it does with all others I have tried. (Nothing untoward has happened within the site.)
Websites shown as a result of a Google search open correctly.

I have run MSE, and Malwarebytes and they show clean sheets Also CCleaner. I switched from IE9 to IE11 but that was on December 10th. Can anyone suggest a permanent remedy please? I don't know if calls from an Indian gentlemen speaking for "the computer maintenance department" have anything to do with it. Department of what I don't know because I can't get any further past his accent. If I am being held to ransom I would expect far direr problems.
 Connection problems - No FM2R
Have you got any ad blockers, or pop-up blockers running?

Particularly one that you may have installed or updated just before this issue started.
 Connection problems - Ambo
Many thanks, that seems to be pretty much the answer. I was getting many more pop-ups than usual and switched from medium to high on the blocker. Back to medium and all seems well, except that the "eyebrow" on the financial site still doesn't open but I can live with that.
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