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 Incredible Shrinking Windows - Ambo
I have a problem which dates from the installation of a new computer with Windows 7 a couple of years back. If I click on, say, My Documents the correct window comes up but in a much reduced and unusable form. I can bring it back to normal by clicking on X but it is an annoying fault. Is there a remedy please?

 Incredible Shrinking Windows - borasport
It used to be the case that if you opened the application, maximised it, then closed it without doing anything else, it would open up full size next time.

Having recently found notepad to be opening up with the size of a postage stamp, I found this solution no longer works for me. Someting i googled suggested that functionality had been dropped, and i haven't got round to trying this yet
 Incredible Shrinking Windows - borasport

>> and i haven't got round to trying this yet

Well now I have, and it worked for me -

close all windows
open the one you have problems with
grab the corners and drag it to full screen - do not maximise
close it

re-open - full screen
re-boot - still works !!
 Incredible Shrinking Windows - Ambo
Problem solved. Many thanks.
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