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 AutoHotKey - sherlock47
A frustrated non-computerliterate friend ( who was grossly missold a laptop with W8 by PCW), asked me if there was a way to allow single key entry of some regular text strings.

AutoHotKey actually does exactly what he requires, however the user interface is somewhat less than user friendly, and some questions about use with W8 do not have easily understandable answers ,(even to me)!

AHK appears to be a product that has just grown over 12 years without growing up:)

Has anybody found a similar program that allows straightforward txt input using, for example, a Alt/CTL/letterkey combination that is not single program specific? I thought it would be an easy to find a reputable third party shareware program when I volunteered to find something for him and answer the problem. I do not want something that will corrupt the assigned function key assignments for W8 (there appear to be many!).

There would appear to be many people who would actually pay for the right small program so Rattle get your codewriting hat on!
 AutoHotKey - Focusless
Haven't tried it, but is this any use? No 3rd party software required.
 AutoHotKey - sherlock47
Thanks for the link - biut appears to only deal with specific MS Keyboards.

I did look at that site but then found many reports of incompatability issues of Dell keyboards with MS software. I was not prepared to screwup my XP machine with driver issues in finding him a solution. THe MS site is way to diificult for him to use.

I am not sure what he has, an unamed laptop, which is likely to have even more compatability issues?
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 AutoHotKey - Crankcase
If the "text strings" are all in one application, then you might be better looking at that application's support for this.

ie, in Word, there are macros, or in Outlook there are "Quick Parts" and so on.

But if it's lots of different applications where you need it, then yes, you need to faff about with Intellitype or somesuch.

 AutoHotKey - AnotherJohnH
>> ie, in Word, there are macros...

there is also "AutoText" in Word, and "autocorrect", which can both be used to replace a shortcut key phrase - "nss" for example - with "now substitute Sherlock", on the fly: just type and the replacement is automatic.
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