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 Windows laptop problem. - Old Navy
We have a win 7 64bit home premium laptop which has become almost unusable due to the fingerpad and mouse constantly selecting and dragging anything on the screen, tried a system restore, AVG scan found a Trojan downloader and removed it, but the problem is still there. I have tried several different mice (mouse's) all are the same. Any ideas before an expert is hired?
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 Windows laptop problem. - Zero
Go into control panel, check the mouse settings there may be a sensitivity option.

If that fails, go into device manager and disable the track pad and use a mouse plugged into the USB port.

if the mouse works and you have no trackpad settings try removeing the device fron control panel completely, reboot and it will find and reload the drivers for the pad.
 Windows laptop problem. - Old Navy
Many thanks Zero, Mrs ON, whose machine it is, thinks you are a hero. An uninstall of the track pad and its drivers and the reboot and reinstall seems to have fixed it.

Whoops, spoke too soon the problem is returning.
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 Windows laptop problem. - Old Navy
I have uninstalled the mouse and installed a different one. The problem is still there but not as bad, the machine is useable but occasionally automatically selects or drags something.
 Windows laptop problem. - RattleandSmoke
Installing this usually solves the problem :). It might already be installed but not running.
 Windows laptop problem. - Zero
You need to disable the trackpad, completely, and use a proper mouse. Only then will w know if its hardware or software. (for software read virus or malware)
 Windows laptop problem. - Old Navy
Thanks for your help Rattle and Zero, I have found that switching the trackpad off with he keyboard (Fn F10) gives the best result. There is still an occasional glitch using a mouse. I suspect the machine has picked up a virus or similar nasty. I had a word with the local independent computer repair shop owner this morning and he suggested turning off the pad. If things do not improve (no chance of that) he has said the next step is Safe mode, In which case he will be fixing it.
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 Windows laptop problem. - devonite
>> the next step is Safe mode, In which case he will be fixing it. <<

No need to be wary of using "Safe-mode"! - simply tap F8 repeatedly whilst booting up, choose "Safe-mode or Safe-mode with networking" (so that programs like Malwarebytes can update on opening) and run your security stuff. Malwarebytes, Spybot SD, and your Antivirus programs will probably be all you need to rectify the problem, let them complete a full scan (not quick) and then reboot as normal. spend your saved pennies on a few celebratory pints!
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