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 facebook noobie question - Focusless
On the odd occasion I venture into facebook and post something, 'University of Leeds' appears next to my name. I've looked through various account settings but can't see where this comes from, although it is in my history. Which setting do I need to adjust to change it?
 facebook noobie question - Bromptonaut
From FB homepage select your name, then the about tab. Click on update info and you should see a University field under 'work and education'.

Does that help?
 facebook noobie question - Focusless
Well... there are 3 entries in that section, and Leeds is the middle one. Why is it using that one?

EDIT: they are all 'public'

EDIT2: ...and I can't see a 'use this one'-type option
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 facebook noobie question - Focusless
Solved, sort of - I added a bit more info about the top entry in the section (current job) and that's now being used, which I what I wanted. Thanks.
 facebook noobie question - Dulwich Estate
A slight hijack of the thread - but it looks pretty much sorted out now anyway.

As a possible noobie, but not yet dared to start, am I a tad too worried about giving facebook a go ? I have no faith in privacy settings - if I've typed it and sent it then it can't be retrieved and somebody knows. Should I care ? People seem quite happy to reveal all today but the idea of it scares me.

I am no doubt in a small minority but whoever said the herd was right?
 facebook noobie question - No FM2R
I use Facebook a lot. I have family on three continents and we like to share photos. So it works for us.

There is one simple rule to Facebook which will make your initial decision and subsequent experience quite easy;

Anything you write, post or comment, any preference you declare, and any thoughts you share, are printed out and pinned on every noticeboard that has any contact with your life.

If you wouldn't put it on a public noticeboard, then don't put it on Facebook.


I'm going on holiday and my house will be empty
My Bank acount is at Barclays and my name is...
I think x is an awful person (he might be approving your Soc. Sec. claim next week).

As long as you bear that in mind, you'll be totally fine.

There's no real security that matters, beyond the fact that you are merely a single, unidentifiable fish in a pool of 5bn, so that alone makes you pretty safe.

And there's loads of fun stuff. I am a member of groups such as TOG, [hometown] remembered, Doctor Who and others.

I've reconnected with people and had great conversations and the occasional meeting because of it.

Just remember, you're pinning notices to a global noticeboard and you can never take them off again, so never post drunk.

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 facebook noobie question - Dulwich Estate
"I am no doubt in a small minority"

No comments since Thursday.

Case proven.
 facebook noobie question - devonite
why not just leave your profile blank? - enter no personal details, and delete any its given you!
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