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 What is Microsoft Silverlight? - Iffy
Something called Microsoft Silverlight landed on my Windows 7 starter netbook edition when it did its last auto update.

What is it?

What does it do?

Thanks in advance.

 What is Microsoft Silverlight? - Skip
It appeared on my laptop which runs on Vista after it did a Windows update last night, i was wondering exactly the same as the OP !
 What is Microsoft Silverlight? - Zero
Silverlight is kind of like microsofts version of Flash. Its usd to liven up HTML pages with video and effects and such.

You dont really need it, buit it wont do any harm if you have it. If you have it, you need to keep it updated.
 What is Microsoft Silverlight? - Iffy

Thanks for a simple explanation, which I can almost grasp, and the assurance it is benign.

I shall leave it where it is, although I imagine it will add a second or two to my start-up and shut down times.

 What is Microsoft Silverlight? - RattleandSmoke
Some websites do require it. I know ITV's player required it. I got it working on Linux by using an open source version of it by

If you remove it and then find you need you need it you can always reinstall it.
 What is Microsoft Silverlight? - Stuartli
Microsoft offers an explanation of its Silverlight technology:
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