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 External DVD drive - RichardW
DVD drive in our laptop has stopped working - given that neither Win nor Ubunut can see it, casting about the net it seems to be another mobo fault on these HP laptops, I'm assuming that the mobo has gone faulty. I see external drives can be had for £10 upwards, so was thinking about buying one (rather than replacement internal drive which is similar price, but not guaranteed to work) - any one any experience / recommendations / ones to avoid?
 External DVD drive - devonite
I have a CnM usb dvd drive, it's performed faultlessly for the five years i've had it, also seems a tad faster than the in-built one and is not as "fussy" over the discs (condition) as the other. I prefer to use it, plus it's portablle!
 External DVD drive - Zero
I have the samsung se-208. More than a tenner tho. 25 quid or thereabouts. Very good drive tho, works on anything.
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