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 Sky Broadband any good? - Bigtee
Aimed at those who have it please.

Is it any good & do you have any problems with it?

Currently with Talk Talk price not much different but fancy a new sky HD box thrown in.
 Sky Broadband any good? - devonite
Have been with sky (14mb package) since March, no probs at all yet! - Router worked straight from the box - no setting up, just plug and play!. With Aol I was getting 2Mb down and 0.4 up speeds, with sky (using the Uswitch test site) I'm getting 14.3 down and 1mb up!!
BB Free for 6mths, free w/e calls, line rental £14.50pm (BT £15.45) - After first 6mths, total package £21.50pm. Aol was £14.99pm and line rental £15.45(BT) = £30.44, so saving £9 pm and better speed, + got £25 M&S vouchers for changing!
 Sky Broadband any good? - Roger.
Do SKY have a monthly download allowance? My TalkTalk is unlimited, up to 30MB, phone + all calls, inc. European destinations, for around £36 a month. In fact my combined phone, internet and calls bill for last month has just been paid and it was £36.45.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Roger.
Test to nearest server in Sheffield:-
 Sky Broadband any good? - movilogo
Had Sky BB 3 years back. Service was poor and customer service was appalling. Left them after a year and since then was with O2.

Unfortunately O2 recently sold their BB business to Sky!

From the MSE forum, Plusnet seems good and TalkTalk is the worst.

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 Sky Broadband any good? - RattleandSmoke
It is ok for the average user, although customer support is not very good. The main issue is that they don't give out your ADSL details, they will point blank refuse. So if the router they give you doesn't provide good enough wireless signal you cannot upgrade. You either have to connect another router to it and use it as an accent point, or start messing about with repeaters etc.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Bigtee
Thanks so far.

There offer is £18.75 per month this includes free weekend calls & line rental for 12 months & for a extra £5.00 per month on top of my sky subscription i can have a new box. Sky HD

Now i need to see if this is £5.00 for 12 months or forever as a new box is in the region of £240 i asked them to put it in writing they can't!!

I was speaking to a new starter so think i'll be ringing back to confirm.
 Sky Broadband any good? - The Nut
Had sky broadband for about 2 years now, only times it's been down it was an exchange problem that affected all ADSL in the area.

The hardware they supply is not the best quality, EVERY microfilter they have sent us has failed, causing the phone to knock out the internet when it rings but using a second hand BT branded mircofilter we have had no problems. As Rattle said above they won't give you your ADSL details so you have to use the supplied router, although with some models it's possible to extract the details but is against the TOS.
 Sky Broadband any good? - movilogo
What is ADSL details?
 Sky Broadband any good? - No FM2R
Username, password and address that the router uses to access your server.

The details that you would frequently need to put into a new router before it would work.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Kevin
>The details that you would frequently need to put into a new router before it would work.

Sky pre-configure the modem/router to use the MAC address for login. That's why there's no setup needed.

I've been with Sky BB for a year or two now. No problems at all.
 Sky Broadband any good? - No FM2R

Rattle commented that if you wanted to upgrade you're router then obtaining the ADSL credentials can be an issue.

I mentioned that they may be required for a new router whilst explaining what the credentials are.

I don't think anybody was implying that they were needed for the supplied router.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Kevin
I was trying to educate you.

The way that Sky manage user endpoints is very well thought out from a support perspective.

They supply and tie you to a modem/router that has been tested and that they know works.

They don't have to worry about Mr No FM2R ringing up to complain that his Huawei router is dropping the link every ten minutes. They don't have to spend an hour telling Mr No FM2R that his router needs a firmware upgrade and how to do it.

99% of BB users just want to plug and play.

The remaining 1% are usually savvy enough to google "sky password generator".
 Sky Broadband any good? - RattleandSmoke
It doesn't work on all routers though Kevin. I understand why Sky have router rule in place but there are plenty of companies such as PlusNet that allow you to use your own.

I had to phone speak to TalkTalk about a problem with a customers email the other day, I explained to call centre person

"The internet is working fine, I have tried a test account on outlook and it works perfectly, Outlook is working fine, the internet is working fine, but my customer is getting an error that pop server cannot be found" her reply "what router does your customer have" I simply said "how is that relevant" after 5 minutes of asking stupid questions she told me "we are having problems with our email service at the moment and it will be another four days until is fixed" why could she not just tell me in the first place.

What I often do now when speaking to TalkTalk or Sky on behalf of my customers is just get straight through to cancellations, then I explain to them what the problem is and they put through to level 2.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Kevin
>It doesn't work on all routers though Kevin.

I've never heard of it failing, it's a simple user-id and password pair. If it doesn't work on some routers it simply proves that Sky's precautions are good business sense.
 Sky Broadband any good? - No FM2R
>>I was trying to educate you.

The roads are paved with people with that intention.

Thank you though.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Zero
>> >>I was trying to educate you.
>> The roads are paved with people with that intention.

Alas its full of potholes.
 Sky Broadband any good? - TeeCee
Encapsulation: PPPoA
VPI/VCI: 0/38
Multiplexing: VC

Hard bit is getting the userid and password. You can sniff your network with wireshark (google it) as they are exchanged in clear(!!) or try and blag them out of SKY.
 Sky Broadband any good? - rtj70
Roger, is that BT Openreach provided FTTC you're using (Fiber to the Cabinet) from Sky? I assume it is with the lower cost option with uploads capped. So of course you'd get good speeds :-)
 Sky Broadband any good? - Focusless
I was with O2 broadband, who got taken over by Sky last year. I was happy to stay with Sky so didn't do anything, but speaking to Sky help today found out that I hadn't actually been moved yet.

If you just let yourself be moved, there's no minimum contract with Sky so you can jump ship as soon as you like. So the nice lady on the phone asked if I was interested in joining now, subject to a 12 month minimum contract.

Currently paying £20 for unlimited usage + line rental and some free calls (includes £5 discount 'cos work phone on O2). She offered £12.50, which I thought wasn't that good by the time you added on ~£15 line rental. But no - that's included.

New (free) Sky hub on its way, activation in 2 weeks :)

EDIT: and no, the £12.50 isn't just a 3 or 6 month introductory offer
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 Sky Broadband any good? - Crankcase
Interesting. Just for fun I just went to the Sky website, the first time in a few years, and configured up the nearest I could get to what I currently have with Virgin.

It ended up four pounds a month more, with a much reduced phone service and broadband estimated at a tenth of my current speed, plus an install cost of £20.

Not really a goer for me to change at any rate.
 Sky Broadband any good? - Fursty Ferret
I moved from Be to Sky Fibre. Paying £20/month for 40mb with unlimited usage, free line rental and a starting credit of £75. 12 month contract and activation within 10 days.
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