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 Can't Install Windows Updates - Duncan
My laptop tells me that an important update for Office 2007 is downloaded and waiting to be installed.

When I try to install the update, it fails every time. I read somewhere that I need to turn my firewall off (what's the sense in that?), but even if I do it still fails.

Error code 646, I am running Vista Home Basic.

Any ideas please?
 Can't Install Windows Updates - Zero
what AV programe are you using, and what firewall do you have?
 Can't Install Windows Updates - Zero
what update is it? KB???????????

I bet you dont have sufficient admin rights, try running it from the administrator account. If you dont have one google for create Vista administrator account
 Can't Install Windows Updates - lancara
If turning off the firewall doesn't work, try turning off User Account Control. A Google search on that error code shows its quite a widespread problem, with numerous supposed solutions
 Can't Install Windows Updates - L'escargot
Googling for Error code 646 produced lots of information about it. I daren't give a link to anything specific in case it turns out to be rubbish and I get slagged off!
 Can't Install Windows Updates - smokie
You are right, there are lots of instances. Having read many of them it seems automatic updating won't work then manually updating will. This was about the most straightforward description I found (in this thread ) .

you MUST use IE browser to access Microsoft download center
Once there, just type a specific update (example: KB981715) in the search box, search will bring up your update. You must remain in IE to do the updates. When the page comes up with the update, click Download, a security warning box pops Run or Save. It'll begin the download, another box will pop up after download, click Run. My Norton gives me a popup to give "permission to continue" (you may or may not encounter such as this). Then the appropriate update box will open & you MUST check the box at the bottom of the message to "accept Microsoft license terms" and continue. It will then "install" your specific update. If all goes as it does for me, you'll get the customary popup at the end "installation complete" click OK and you are done. To be sure it was successful you can return to Windows Update and make it check for updates again, this time your previously "failed" update should be gone. Of course, you have to do this manually for EACH failed update until all are complete.
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 Can't Install Windows Updates - Duncan
Cracked it at last! Not quite sure how, but roughly following smokie's advice above.

The key to it was getting agreement to the Ts & Cs, the problem is it doesn't actually ask for agreement, you have to seek it out.

Any way thanks to smokie and everyone else.

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