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 Car4play on an iPhone - car4play
One way you can get your daily (read minute-by-minute for the addicts) fix of the latest chat here is to add the forum post feed to an RSS reader app in your iPhone.

Just search for RSS in the Application store on your iPhone and install one of the general readers. Add the feed you want to track from the list in the other sticky here.

A free RSS reader that is quite good is "RssRunner". You have to put up with a few ads, but we can't blame them for that can we?
 Car4play on an iPhone - rtj70
And therefore possible on an iPod touch I should add. And if you have a MiFi type device like the one from 3 then you can use the iPod touch online anywhere (plus upto 5 devices in total). I have no connection with 3 and when my 3Gb is up I will unlock it and insert a Vodafone SIM.
 Car4play on an iPhone - R.P.
Any chance of a Blackberry version ?
 Car4play on an iPhone - car4play
Don't know. There must be an RSS reader for BB somewhere. A very quick google gives this:
 Car4play on an iPhone - movilogo
This site opens fine in my Symbian phone (with Opera Mini 5).

However, for long threads, scrolling down to reach bottom posts is a pain!
 Car4play on an iPhone - DP
Works beautifully through Sparse RSS on Android. It's free from the Android Market, and auto updates its feeds every 30 mins.
Clicking on the thread of interest takes you straight to it via the default browser. Perfect! :-)
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