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 I have a question (TV connections). - FotheringtonTomas
Tonight I have been trying to connect up some TV stuff. I've got:

TV - 1 RGB scart, another scart, aerial in.
PVR TV scart, VCR scart, aerial in, RF out.
DVD recorder AV1 (TV) scart, AV2 (decoder) scart, DVB-T in, DVB-T out
TV aerial in through wall.

I've also got a VCR with AV1 audio/video scart, AV2 decoder scart, aerial, RF out.

Do you know how I should connect these? The DVD recorder's got a tuner. The PVR's got two tuners. I've got a headache, and the floor is covered in wires.

If it was possible to record from PVR to DVD, and straight to DVD, or from VCR to DVD, that would be fantastic. If the VCR has to be missed out, so be it.

Any ideas? "Drink beer" is current favourite.
 I have a question (TV connections). - Bellboy
i use a box i bought in makro that allows 5 scarts in and two out
it comes with a remote and i also have the new pvr connected directly to one of the other scart inputs on my tv so it goes to this as soon as i turn it on
so am i sometimes if one of the leads goes slightly ajar and the picture goes but the sound stays
bring back 425 lines i say
 I have a question (TV connections). - Zero
I'll ponder that mess overnight
 I have a question (TV connections). - FotheringtonTomas
Perhaps this ought to go in the new IHAQ.

If I could get the lbooyd thing to show TV from the PVR, record onto the PVR from the aerial, record onto DVD from the DVD tuner/aerial, and record onto DVD from the PVR, I'd be happy. I'm not sure I can do that at the moment. Keep "plugging" away. Oh, the instructions!! Whoever writes 'em?
 I have a question (TV connections). - smokie
I've got a fairly complex setup too and it took a few false starts to get it going. I have more inputs and outputs than you which probably makes my life easier. But then I wanted to pump mine around the house too...

My final approach was firstly to sketch my pieces of kit on paper then draw on it what I wanted to go to where, disregarding the available in and outputs. I then went through it again and assigned each connection to a socket. In my case, I haven't needed to use any splitters except a splitter booster to send it round the house. For me, drawing it made it so much clearer in my mind, and connecting it (and reconnecting it when I have to move it for any reason) is a breeze.

(Out of interest, under the telly I have a standard Virgin box feeding my PVR (TiVo) by SCART and onto the telly on SCART. Then a V+ box feeding the telly on HDMI with digital sound through home theatre. The DVD recorder (which is virtually redundant) uses the second SCART on the telly, and the second digital input on the home theatre. I only pump the PVR signal round the houseon coax, that goes from the PVR RF output to a splitter booster. I use an IR sender (One for All rings a bell) to send remote signals back to the PVR from the distant tellys. My main issue is that there is no way to use an alternate channel on the Virgin remote, so when controlling one box you inadvertently control the other too, which can adversely affect recordings.

The oddest part of it is I am not much of a TV watcher. But I enjoy tinkering with technology.
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 I have a question (TV connections). - Crankcase
It's a bit of a feeble and obvious point, but when I first set up my vast array of interconnects, I bought a set of little sticky labels with numbers on. Then I stuck "1" on a cable and a "1" on the socket it was in, and so on. I got I think to "32" in the end, largely because I labelled everything including all the speaker cables.

Anyway, the point is, whenever it all gets unplugged for whatever reason, getting the right cables back in the right sockets is as easy as pi.

 I have a question (TV connections). - smokie
I did the same, but used poor quality paper labels so I now have a load of labels scattered on the floor behind the video unit.
 I have a question (TV connections). - spamcan61
I can't think of a neat way of doing this without buying an auto SCART switcher, but it might be worth giving this a bash:-
 I have a question (TV connections). - R.P.
I use Dymo tape (genuine) cut it off with a long "tail" so it can be wrapped around the wire- lasts well. I actually taped them to the bike mudguard for a continental trips survived horrendous summer rain and they've remained on ever since.
 I have a question (TV connections). - bathtub tom
What? You had Dymo tape on your mudguard saying 'MUDGUARD' ? ;>)
 I have a question (TV connections). - R.P.
Yep - No - tyre pressures like a good motorcyclists.
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