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 RCD/Shower Pump Question - Marc
Hi all, I have one of these :

connected to a Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump in my airing cupboard which drives two showers and the bath. Yesterday the circuit tripped. Tried resetting with the switch but it just clicks out.

Water pressure activates the pump. If I leave the bath running and gently release the switch the pump kicks in OK (meaning the pump is OK - it should be as the capacitor was only replaced less than a year ago) but it won't 'stay' on its own, it just clicks itself off when I release it.

I've also tried to reset the switch with just the water off and also with all power off via the fusebox. Surely with the power off the RCD should reset itself?

I suspect the RCD switch is at fault and I can buy a like for like replacement for £30 from Screwfix. Should I try this before calling an electrician?

Thoughts please.

 RCD/Shower Pump Question - Fursty Ferret
With power off an RCBO will not reset - it uses a solenoid to latch into place. Did you ever use the test button? An RCD is considerably more reliable if tested regularly.

My advice would be to assume the RCD is telling you the truth and working correctly until you can prove otherwise, and avoid using the shower for the time being even if you do get the RCD to latch.

Certainly no harm in trying a replacement from Screwfix.

Edit: When you say the pump's capacitor was replaced, do you mean "capacitor" or another part of the pump?
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 RCD/Shower Pump Question - Marc
Thanks for the reply.

Have used the test button - makes no difference. The capacitor (long white plastic tube) inside the pump was replaced last year as the pump was not kicking in at all and this was the culprit.

Did a further little test and was confident pump was OK. Have just bought replacement RCD from Screwfix and fitted. Job done. I hope.
 RCD/Shower Pump Question - Zero
I had an RCD that failed giving similar symptoms (not on a stuart turner pump tho)

I have a stuart turner monsoon pump, its given great service, unlike the stupid salamander pump(s) it replaced.
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