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 Roller garage door advice - BobbyG
On the extension that I am hopefully having built, there will be a storage area which , to all intents and purposes, I want to look like a garage front.

So looking at it having an electric roller shutter as these take up less space than conventional garage doors. Also, the width may not be as wide as a standard garage door.

Since I think I will be pushing my luck asking for recommendations for Glasgow based companies who do this, can I ask if anyone has fitted one recently or has knowledge of the ins and outs / plusses and minuses of various door types?
 Roller garage door advice - Crankcase
No direct experience Bobby, but I was reading about just this the other day on the newsgroup. A poor soul on there had fitted an electric roller door, and then one day they had a powercut and he discovered it couldn't be opened manually, so his car was inaccessible to him at a very inconvenient time.

So might be worth making sure this isn't so for whatever product you buy.

 Roller garage door advice - Iffy
I used for the roller shutter at Ifithelps Towers.

Their factory in Washington, Tyne and Wear, is local to me.

The doors are made there, are of reasonable quality and fairly priced, about £750 fitted in my case.

You can specifiy stuff like a manual winding handle, external controls, and so on.

Lots of colours to choose from.

Made to measure, so they can do any width.

Not sure what areas they cover, but certainly worth giving them a call - contact numbers on the website.

 Roller garage door advice - Bellboy
they arent cheap with a motor fitted
also be aware there are lots of cowboy companies out there
dont know if you have a budget or not but the last roller shutter i got was via ebay ,it came direct from the business (second hand see)
anyway get a few quotes and be careful of cartels
if you fit it yourself then make sure you dont fit it the wrong way round and lock yourself in the room
 Roller garage door advice - kb
I inherited two Gliderol roller doors and have since had a motor fitted to one of them. The doors and the motor are flawless and I recommend them. The service from the Tech. dept. is excellent too. They're in Peterlee, Co. Durham.
 Roller garage door advice - BobbyG
Cheers, I will start doing some googling now. Gliderol has came up a few times in conversations as being recommended.
 Roller garage door advice - kb
Briefly, the motor sits inside the 'rolled up curtain' which is the door itself. It's obviously bolted on at one end of the aforementioned 'rolled up door' and is accessible and not too difficult to fit or remove, although I chose to have a firm fit it (the motor, that is). Previous owner had the doors fitted, but they are a doddle to keep running smooth - spot of dry lube/silicon (no grease) on the runners and very occasional daub of grease on the 'bearings' on which the roller revolves which are easily accessed with the door fully closed. I like it when I can speak on the phone to a bloke who used to fit them and knows the ins and outs of things, so when such a person came on the phone without sitting in a queue 'for an advisor' I was chuffed. (Best ring this day and age it all could have changed - I spoke to them about a year ago). If you happen to want an automatic light to come on with the door, whilst there is a small light on the control unit, in practice, it's easier to just fit a 240v mains PIR and bulb. The unit's built in bulb isn't very bright and to fit a relay etc. whilst quite possible, isn't worth doing.
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