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 Gym membership. - Dog
Now that Winter is behind us and Spring is in the air, a young mans thoughts often turn to ...
Gym membership!
What I propose is a virtual gym whereby members arise at 6-00am for exercise in the virtual yard followed by a cold shower before breakfast.
I put forward Martin Devon as the physical education instructor.
Carnal Cuisine could furnish us with the history of Health and Efficiency.
There would have to be a small membership fee of £123 per quarter which I would kindly volunteer to collect via a Cayman Islands PO box to be invested in the Liberian bond market and eventually returned to you WITH PROFITS.
Reductions for multiple members.
Keep fit with 4play!
 Gym membership. - SteelSpark
I just do buttock crunches while I read the Car4Play forum...
 Gym membership. - Bellboy
would you be able to sharpen my razor blades in the eternal pyramid of equilibrium if i send a cheque for too much and you could return the excess in war bonds?
 Gym membership. - Dog
Frankly, I'm amazed at the low take up of this once only - never to be repeated - once in a lifetime offer.
So, what I'm prepared to do is this ... reduce the membership fee to £99 for the 1st 50 applicants,
Include 2 years free admittance to all Lib Dem party conferences,
AND I'll even throw in a 17" Matsui 'state' of the art CRT TV with Bush Freeview set top box in VGC.
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