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 Reflective hands - Vicar of Bray
The old Nissan petrol engine had certainly seen better times - motoring around the hot streets of the Philiippines no doubt. But now sharks were circling, at least that is, in the darker recesses of the semi fevered mind.
The prop-shaft had jumped out of it's wooden blocks mounting several times and now the tropical day plunged rapidly into pitch blackness with no twilight.

We were North of Tacloban, out at sea heading towards a small island group - West of Catbalogan on a small outrigger boat powered by the old Nissan engine. A large group of our family, hundreds, hold the family name of a centuries gone adventurer from Spain.
Star and moonlight reflected off the silvered hands of my watch and shortly light developed in the darkness;

Over 100 pressure lanterns being held to guide into safety and later booming rock music - powered by old car batteries charged across the sea in Catbalogan.

And never had a single medicol been devoured with such faith, in the face of fever in a medic free zone..

Reporting from the Leyte Gulf

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