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 Question about this forum - movilogo
I am confused about this forum!

I see that it started exactly when Honest John backroom went down temporarily. Then I see a lot very similar usernames (as of HJ site) and then look and feel of this site is also very similar to old HJ site.

Please solve the mystery!
 Question about this forum - VxFan
>> Please solve the mystery!

Here you go:-
 Question about this forum - FocalPoint
If you have a good trawl around the Introduce Yourself section you'll find most of what you want to know. Some of the info is a bit piecemeal, but there's a lot there.

No need to be confused, as I see it - there has been a massive defection by people who felt abandoned (I know I did), who had a loss of confidence in HJ's site and who were not prepared to wait for the revamping of the Back Room. (I hope that puts it fairly.)

Time will tell if both forums thrive.
 Question about this forum - movilogo
Well done guys, wonder why I didn't discover this site earlier!

I have used me same username so long timers will recognize me :)

 Question about this forum - FocalPoint
ML - you might want to check this thread also:
 Question about this forum - L'escargot
I know what happened, but I'm too discreet to tell you. You could push sharpened matchsticks under my nails or poke me in the eye with a sharp stick but my lips would still be sealed.

 Question about this forum - FocalPoint
Would a fiver do the trick? (A virtual fiver, you understand.)
 Question about this forum - movilogo
So how did all HJ members come to know about new site? Were they emailed? Wonder why I didn't get any :)

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 Question about this forum - FocalPoint
Apparently some were e-mailed. Others found links.

Join the club. I was not in either group, until an explicit reference appeared in a posting on HJ, now removed.

 Question about this forum - Dog
>>> I know what happened, but I'm too discreet to tell you <<<

You're not the only one comrade L'escargot, but it wouldn't serve any useful porpoise to 'spill the beans'.
 Question about this forum - Buddy
stop teasing and just enjoy the new era, you little stirrers
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