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 Doctors Receptionists - Pat
I rang this morning to make anappointment for a routine blood pressure check after getting a reminder through the post.
I found I couldn't get an appointment before 15th April and just as I was about to put the phone down she said 'I see you're a smoker, how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?'

I replied that it was absolutely none of her business and bid her good day.

But I'm still angry that a 2 minute phone call to book an appointment can result in a grilling by an unqualified person.
This sort of thing must put off a lot of people going to the Doctors for regular check ups.
My Doctor and I have had a few discussions in the past about my smoking habits and have both come to the happy conclusion that it isn't negotiable.

 Doctors Receptionists - -
I just know you and swmbo would get on like a house on fire Pat, she goes to receptionist and in front of every man and his dog they ask in loud voice ''date of birth'' now a proper woman would rather die than give that out in public, after being put right they come to an amicable result.
 Doctors Receptionists - FotheringtonTomas
Complain to the Practice Manager.

While you're at it, don't forget to ask for a form to opt out of having all your medical records uploaded to the national database ("The Spine").
 Doctors Receptionists - Bellboy
im pretty sure receptionists do now have to do this,remember everything is boxes and meetings these days
i could ask the wife for a definative answer tonight if anyone wishes as she works in a pct
 Doctors Receptionists - Bromptonaut
Did Armitage Shanks come over here? I think he had some sort of practice manager role in the NHS.

I would not be offended by the question as such, rather the lack of any introduction so as to give it a context. Smoking and blood pressure do, after all, go together.
 Doctors Receptionists - Dave_
My local dentists receptionist wasn't a lot better last week. I had taken daughter to have a temporary filling and was at the counter booking her next appointment, when I mentioned to the receptionist that I hadn't seen a dentist myself since I was 12 (25 years or so ago!). I told the receptionist this was because I'm rather worried about whether it would hurt, to which her reply was, "Oh yes, it'll be agony. They do all sorts of pulling and poking these days!"

Well done that woman, you can keep your appointment then and I might muster up the nerve to try again in another couple of decades...
 Doctors Receptionists - Dog
>>> I hadn't seen a dentist myself since I was 12 (25 years or so ago!). <<<

Do try and muster up the courage comrade Dave - once they've gorn they're gorn!
I've known 3 people who ended up with no 2 teeth (molars) that met together so they had to eat with their front teeth - like Rabbits :-(
I absolutely and categorically HATE dentists but - I'd HATE to lose my teeth even more.
 Doctors Receptionists - bathtub tom
Dave_TD {P}

I can sympathise, having once needed to be sedated to get me there - long story.

I'm usually dripping with sweat and wobble out on 'jelly legs' even after just a check-up.
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 Doctors Receptionists - L'escargot
>> But I'm still angry ............

Getting angry may do nearly as much damage to your health as smoking. Chill out.
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 Doctors Receptionists - L'escargot
>> ............ my smoking habits ............

That reminds me about when two athletes were having a conversation.

1st athlete "Which do you prefer, grass or AstroTurf?"

2nd athlete " I don't know, I've never tried smoking AstroTurf."
 Doctors Receptionists - Dog
>>> 1st athlete "Which do you prefer, grass or AstroTurf?"

2nd athlete " I don't know, I've never tried smoking AstroTurf." <<<

Don't give up the day job L'esnaily :-}
 Doctors Receptionists - Armel Coussine

An athlete and a model girl were dawdling over dinner.
The runner criticised his date for trying to get thinner;
He told her, as he shovelled down potatoes, meat and pasta,
She was drinking like a Cadillac and smoking like a Rasta,
And what was more (the racehorse hissed without a trace of pity),
She’d abused her constitution till she wasn’t even pretty!

She ate an olive; drank some gin; with dignity arose;
Swayed off into the ladies; brought some powder to her nose;
Emerged – all eyes upon her smile so radiant and so smooth -,
Spotted two private bailiffs with the athlete in his booth
(Sent by her former squeeze, whose mother’s ring she’d kept, to dun her)…
So while they beat the racehorse up, the stunner done a runner.
 Doctors Receptionists - Pat
I'm glad you made it over here:)

 Doctors Receptionists - R.P.
I went today for an MoT - took just over a week to get an appointment with the Nurse - she then told me to make an appointment to see the Doc to have test results explained(blood) - receptionist told me I needen't but I did - managed to squeeze in on Thursday. This practice also has a drop in surgery turn up at 8.30am and take your chance with the cough and wheeze brigade - I tend to keep away to be honest.
 Doctors Receptionists - Dog
>>> An athlete and a model girl were dawdling over dinner <<<

This was quite excellent btw, I had to read it 2 or 3 times before it sank in, being unedumacated, like.
 Doctors Receptionists - L'escargot
In our surgery there's a notice which says that receptionists may on occasions ask personal questions, but it will only be for the purpose of making sure that the patient sees the right doctor or nurse etc. It stresses that patients aren't obliged to answer the questions.
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 Doctors Receptionists - Perky Penguin
Receptionsts do not have medical qualifications but they have medical knowledge. If someone rings their doctor to book in a child who has hurt its head in a fall it is reasonable to ask if they have lost conciousness as that would would make it an A&E matter and not a GP one.
 Doctors Receptionists - henry k
The receptionists at my GPs practice are very good and some also take your blood etc.
When you arrive for an appointment there is a check in screen so that if you use it then you bypass our good ladies.
If you are late THEN you have a face to face.
 Doctors Receptionists - L'escargot
>> When you arrive for an appointment there is a check in screen ............

I use our check-in screen, but I always make sure I've put antibacterial gel on my hands first. There's no telling what contagious disease the previous patient to use it had, or what germs they'd got on their hands!
 Doctors Receptionists - R.P.
It was like a scene from Shaun of the Dead in the waiting room yesterday.
 Doctors Receptionists - Dog
((( It was like a scene from Shaun of the Dead in the waiting room yesterday. )))

Doctors surgeries should carry a Government health warning (IMHO)
 Doctors Receptionists - Mapmaker
Latex gloves - the ones you use for checking the oil in the car - escargot?
 Doctors Receptionists - Fenlander
Weirdly I've just had a phone call for SWMBO from the health centre. I explained she was out and the cheery receptionist said we're just wanting to update her smoking status.... as if I might say there and then.

I explained she'd have to phone when SWMBO was in and risk asking her direct!
 Doctors Receptionists - Vicar of Bray
it's like a plague village. I hyperventilate and then hold my breath when i drop off a repeat script request.
 Doctors Receptionists - Pat
It isn't the Cornerstone Practice by any chance, is it?

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