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 In the beginning - comics - Vicar of Bray
In the beginning there were comics - Beano and so on. Then some pretty heavy books and then more comics in the form of motoring mags.

Then, the big univeral comic of the internet where tou can actually join forums and interact with Desperate Dan and Dennis the Menace - and so on.

Ever feel your brain has been sucked out with a straw though.... All those unread books and undone things.

Gawd.. Desperate Dan seems quite multi-role, in retrospect, sometimes too ;-) was it a tin if beans he used to scoff if anyone said a certain word?
 In the beginning - comics - Zero
I could never get into desperate dan. Anyone who ate "cow pie" (with horns poking through the crust) was clearly too far fetched.
 In the beginning - comics - L'escargot
We were too poor to be able to afford comics. There was a war on at the time.
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