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 60 Slogans Challenge - Crankcase
Whilst looking through my books this morning I stumbled over a sixties book about winning prize competitions I'd forgotten about.

Just for fun, here are a few 60s motoring related slogans - can you name the products?

First one out of the hat to get them

1) Stop For Super (blank) And Go

2) Streets Ahead In Every Field

3) The Tyre You Can Trust In Conditions You Can't

4) Too Good To "Miss"

5) Travel Far And Wise

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 60 Slogans Challenge - Zero
I will start with no 1

1 = shell

 60 Slogans Challenge - VxFan
3 = Michelin?

5 = Lambretta scooters?
 60 Slogans Challenge - L'escargot
I don't know the answers to yours, but here's mine ............

6) Tear along (or was it round?) the dotted line.
 60 Slogans Challenge - Crankcase
1) is correct.

5) is correct.

the answer to 6) is Imps.

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