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 Edinburgh - Bazzabear
Have just booked a hotel in Edinburgh for 3 nights during next week. Can anyone suggest what we should do while we're up there?

Also, to go a bit motoring for a while, is there any more scenic or enjoyable route from the NW to Edinburgh than the motorway which isn't prohibitively lengthy?
 Edinburgh - Bellboy
go to the art museum for one thing its really good ,better than oxford ashmoleum i think.
theres also an excellant pub where you can get to try all the malts in a day ( i failed) anywaY i cant remember where it was
 Edinburgh - Runfer D'Hills
Come off the M74 at Moffat and take the A701 to Leadburn. Don't turn left for Penicuik but carry on up through Howgate. Lovely road, known locally as the Devil's Beeftub. Fantastic views and driving heaven.
 Edinburgh - Bazzabear
Thank you - Google maps reckons that adds a rather significant 1 whole minute to my journey, so I think I could manage that detour!
 Edinburgh - Bellboy
Moffat the town with a stone sheep
 Edinburgh - Runfer D'Hills
Eat well but fairly expensively at The Witchery on the Royal Mile, eat interestingly and reasonably at Howie's on Victoria St. Eat cheaply and very well at any chippie with an Italian family name over the door.

Drink in the Grassmarket, visit the castle, the museum and take the ghost tour of subterranean Edinburgh. Walk up Arthur's Seat for great views. Drink in Leith. Eat seafood by the docks..Have a pint of Belhaven

Buy a house.......never leave....

 Edinburgh - smokie
The Royal Yacht Britannia is moored at Leith. I'm not usually over-awed by stuff like that but it was actually a very interesting tour, lots of older pics and stuff, and (for me anyway) some surprises about the sleeping habits of the Royals. Unlike the shopping centre it's moored next to!
 Edinburgh - Ted

I always come off the M6 at the last junction and go right, onto the A7. Quiet, scenic road going through Selkirk, Hawick and Galashiels, roughly following the old North British Railway's ' Waverley ' route.

About 90 miles.

Stop in the square in Selkirk and buy a couple of Selkirk Bannocks at the bakers to take home........if they're still in business.

 Edinburgh - Runfer D'Hills
Aye, a pleasant enough alternative Ted. Wouldn't stop though, they communicate using banjos in those parts......

 Edinburgh - Ted
Had the caravan on the municipal site at Selkirk for an overnight, many years ago.
Went for a walk around town and there were some travellers trying to get a horse into a didn't seem very keen !


Squeal like a pig, boy !
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