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 Reporting site problems - Focusless do we do it?

Reason I ask - I'm getting a second set of Google ads to the right of the column with the 'normal' ads and 'Latest Forum Posts' boxes. Might be deliberate, but it doesn't look right.
 Reporting site problems - VxFan
Can you email

edit: can you also mention what browser you're using (Firefox, IE8, etc), and your operating system (WinXP, Vista, etc)
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 Reporting site problems - Fenlander
Me too.... for over a week now so I thought it was designed that way.
 Reporting site problems - Focusless
I've sent an email...
 Reporting site problems - Bromptonaut
Me too, at least on the notebook (XP & IE8). Irritating 'cos it makes the image too wide for the screen.
 Reporting site problems - car4play
It is deliberately placed outside the site width. The idea being that if you have a monitor the width of this site you don't see it unless you use the scroll, and if you are on a larger screen then you do see it. i.e. the ad is an appendage. Got the idea from where the sky ads are outside the main column. Sky ads are a pain to accomodate and would look pretty awful within the text anyway. We placed them outside the camp as it were. We thought that was better for now than placing them in a more intrusive location. It might explain what that one isn't performing as well as the others, but then it's better than nothing.
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