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 Change of Name - Pat
I have to admit I was fiercely against those of you who chose to change your names, but I was wrong!

Now there's a first for a female:)

It's been interesting watching the way things have unfolded this last couple of weeks, a bit like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly or even a cygnet into a swan.

Some of you have really surprised me, I've seen humour that I'd never seen before.
I've seen a far more tolerant attitude now that you've left those stuffy, status symbol names behind. It's like seeing you all at home instead of at work and I'm really not sure how you will revert to the old personality if the BR returns.

Can a change of name really make such a difference?

 Change of Name - Zero
give me a kiss and I will turn into a frog. (is that the right way round?)
 Change of Name - Pat
Now there's confidence!

I refuse to say who was the inspiration for that post:)

 Change of Name - Badwolf
Well, I did think of changing my name to Naughty Fox but I thought that might give quite the wrong impression... :-)
 Change of Name - L'escargot
A Pat on the back for those that changed their names.
 Change of Name - Vicar of Bray
Hope i'm on the right track... ;-)
 Change of Name - Pat
I'll let you know later, I'm off to teach 12 lorry drivers their legal responsibilities and how to keep within the law.
That's the easy bit.............tomorrow morning we do load security and customer care:):)


>>>what was it? Yes, it's alright to speed responsibly and don't get caught. Got it now:)
 Change of Name - Zero

"speed with attention"
 Change of Name - Pat
Got it now:)

Start at 6am today so by 6.03 they will be told the foolproof way to do it!

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