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 Long shot - copyright issue - Crankcase
I'm almost certain nobody will have anything to say on this one, but just in case...

Mrs C has been for the past 30 years collecting local newspapers on our travels around the country, and she has clipped lots of scrapbooks worth of funny and ridiculous items. Must be hundreds, from dozens of sources.

She'd like to scan them and put them on the web somewhere, not for commercial gain but just because some are really very amusing. No really. They are. Honest.

Anyway, I'm not at all sure where we would stand over copyright on this - if we have to write to whoever owns the rights to a small ad published in the Plymouth Mercury in 1982 then clearly it's a non-starter. I'm inclined to think for this reason the idea is a dead duck, unfortunately.

Anybody have any thoughts?
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 Long shot - copyright issue - Bromptonaut
Not sure about Mrs C's proposal but we have to register and pay a fee to circulate clippings to our stakeholders.

 Long shot - copyright issue - Iffy
Material in the newspaper is copyright of the publisher, but there is no copyright on news.

For example: 'Stirling Moss has fallen down a lift shaft.'

That sentence is not a breach of anyone's copyright, which is one of the reasons why a variety of news organisations can report the story.

However, if The Sun obtains an interview with Mr Moss, then the text of the interview would become The Sun's copyright.

Going back to the OP's question, it is likely the clippings will be publisher's copyright.

All advertisements will be, and most of the stories will be because of the unique way they describe the news event.

The correct procedure is to write to the publisher and ask for permission to use the clipping.

Local newspapers are generally quite amenable, provided they are given a credit in the final publication.
 Long shot - copyright issue - Crankcase
Useful stuff. Thank you.

I've mailed the nla (I didn't know about them) and asked in case they are able to help. And thanks for confirming my view that I'd have to contact the original publisher - a task so onerous in this case it kills the idea.

 Long shot - copyright issue - Crankcase
Well, just to close the loop - had an email from a nice lady at the nla, who basically said go ahead, fine, don't worry about it, and if anyone complains just remove that cutting, but nobody will in these circumstances.

Clearly that's not exactly legal advice, but it's probably good enough for me to want to go ahead.

So thanks again for the nla pointer.

 Long shot - copyright issue - Bellboy
just keep the letter she sent you with her name on it
make sure its dated and ideally has a bit of dna spit for good measure

good luck...............
 Long shot - copyright issue - rtj70
Sounds like it's go then. Do let us know the link when done.

I'd have thought some text saying copyrights belong to and list all might be a good idea. I'm sure nobody will complain though. I bet some publications won't remember writing the articles even if they go back that far.
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