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 MP locked up - sooty123

Some MPs seem to lead interesting lives. I wonder if he's been to the police?
 MP locked up - Bromptonaut
The media pronounce his name more or less phonetically with a Z.

As, judging by his accent, he's a Scot should it be said as Mengies with a G?
 MP locked up - Kevin

A Tory MP has been suspended after claims he made a late night call to ask for money to pay off "bad people".
Downing Street said Mr Menzies had been suspended from his unpaid role as a trade envoy to Colombia,..

Does this mean that there will be a shortage of Colombian products for sale now?
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 MP locked up - Bromptonaut
>> Does this mean that there will be a shortage of Columbian products for sale now?

I read the report and thought pretty much the same.

Maybe marching powder was part of the problem.
 MP locked up - Fursty Ferret
Oh, so *that's* what the red diplomatic boxes are used for.
 MP locked up - Kevin
An opinion piece from today's Currant Bun repeated here to save some C4P'ers from having to clear their browser history.

How has Parliament attracted so many thugs, liars, perverts and assorted rogues and criminals over recent years?

Pick 650 members of the public at random and you’d find far fewer. Yet these are the supposed law-makers and representatives all the main parties offer up for election.

Consider the charge sheet against MPs expelled, suspended, axed by their party or convicted and jailed since 2019.

Drugs, corruption, anti-Semitism and other racism, sexting, sex harassment, child-sex offences, suspected rape, thuggery, domestic violence, bullying, serial groping, fraud, perverting justice, drunken yobbery, watching porn in the Commons, attending the Commons while knowingly infected with Covid, handing MPs’ private details to a blackmailer.

Now a Tory is alleged to have misused party funds having previously been accused of intoxicating a dog.

And these are just those we know of.

Even among MPs not tainted by scandal, so many are dim chancers who would embarrass a parish council.

Why can’t we do better?

What are all parties doing to reinvent their vetting and selection processes?

 MP locked up - Bromptonaut
>> >> Even among MPs not tainted by scandal, so many are dim chancers who would embarrass
>> a parish council.

That. Exactly.

Some of the red wallers are there by accident of history in the circs of the last GE - 30p Lee, Gullis etc. But then people like Liz Truss and Therese Coffey are selected in safe seats and well in advance of an election.

I've no doubt Labour has similar types and somebody will be along with names shortly.
 MP locked up - bathtub tom
I believe centuries ago, the mob entered parliament and several MPs were killed, decapitated and their heads impaled on spikes on a Thames bridge.
Perhaps they should be reminded?

Our PCC is up for election. The current incumbent stood for Nadine Dorries old seat, claiming he could do both jobs. I reckon he'll be out.
 MP locked up - Bromptonaut
>> Our PCC is up for election. The current incumbent stood for Nadine Dorries old seat,
>> claiming he could do both jobs. I reckon he'll be out.

We've got an election for that, the only post up this time. It's a Tory at the moment an TBH I can't see that changing but you never know!!

We have postal votes, partly as a protest against voter ID at the Polling Place.

I messed mine up and had a todo with the Council yesterday over whether I could get a replacement pack. Was told I was too late as the deadline was 17 April. That's the deadline for a postal vote. New ballots can be issued until polling day.

The chap I spoke to wasn't over polite either.
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 MP locked up - Kevin
We recently had a leaflet from the PCC drop though our letterbox entitled "A day in the life of Hampshire Constabulary" although they must be terribly busy because it's figures are taken from 2020.

5 Assaults on police officers
9 Child abuse crimes
12 Vulnerable children referred to child protection 'conferences' (?)
24 Stop & Search
28 Missing people
51 Violent crimes
101 People arrested
696 Calls to 999
1,157 Calls to 101
27,844 Public 'engagements' through Facebook posts
 MP locked up - Terry
Fundamental to democracy is separating the powers of the institutions of state - executive, legislature and judiciary - to safeguard liberties and guard against tyranny.

With that in mind I fail to understand why PCCs need to identify with a political party - in fact it is counter-democratic that they identify at all.

Whist there are clear differences in (say) economic and social policy between political parties, I am not clear there are major differences in the policing policies.

Or have I missed something. Will Labour PCCs prioritise prosecution of bankers and non-doms, in contrast with Tory PCCs firmly setting sights on benefit fraudsters. Does one party prioritise hate crime over sexual assault, or shoplifting over drunk driving.

There are very strong arguments for keeping law enforcement remote from party politics - and none I can see for greater political involvement. Select the PCC you vote for on the basis of their experience and capacity to do the job with integrity and decency, not a party label.
 MP locked up - Bromptonaut

I agree the idea is not a good one - too like the US.

However, prior to PCCs being brought in the Police, at least outside London, were controlled by a police authority on which the council(s) had a majority. So to that extent political identity of those in control was always a thing.

As long as the PCC - ours also looks after the Fire Service - are kept away from Operational Control over day to day policing I'm not sure they're a problem frmm the point of view Terry suggests.

If one of them says they will prioritise hate crime over sexual assault they'd look ridiculous. On the other hand throwing resource/priority at both those over some other area is a choice that legitimately falls to the electorate.
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