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 Storm Kathleen - legacylad
Flying regularly from LBA I’ve been fortunate to miss flight disruption due to weather for several years.
My 4th flight this year on Sunday AM ex LBA. Given the forecasted wind speeds I think there’s a chance my outbound flight may be delayed due to a diverted inbound the night before. Shame as I’m away on a 3 day walking trip with friends early next week once I arrive at ALC…Chullila & Chelva.
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 Storm Kathleen - Kevin
Yes. Latest ECMWF forecast has windspeeds at LBA in the 10 to 12m/s range from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday. That's around the 30mph mark. Gusts could be well above that.
 Storm Kathleen - smokie
If only I wasn't abroad... my electricity costs have been super low overnight (down to 2.65 p kwh at 03:30) and low much of the day (incl 1h at 3.31p at 14:30). Predicted to be even cheaper tomorrow, poss incl a plunge (where they pay me for taking it away).

Shame the car is fully charged!
 Storm Kathleen - Bromptonaut
BBC forecast for LBA doesn't look good for next couple of days.

This year has been epically bad for both wind and low viz conditions.

So bad during one storm that they couldn't fuel aircraft due to it being too windy to use a stepladder!!

Worry for the long term viability of the place if climate change means this is the new normal...
 Storm Kathleen - Zero

>> Worry for the long term viability of the place if climate change means this is
>> the new normal...

Not just applicable to LBA, as is now starting to slowly dawn on lots of airports (some very major) around the world. Rail and road transport too, the viability of the Southwest mainline along the Devon coast is now in doubt and plans to route inland (ironically along previously abandoned lines) is now in active discussion.
 Storm Kathleen - CGNorwich
On the upside has been a great year for wind generation of electricity
 Storm Kathleen - smokie
Yep, 9.5 hours of electricity they pay me to take out of the system in the next 24. Best was -3.97p at 01:30.

The shame is that I'm not there to use it. I offered my neighbour a free fill of his car but he'd already done it this week,.
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 Storm Kathleen - legacylad
Must be awful being in sunny overseas parts and not being able to enjoy the rain…

Having said that, Easter Friday and for two days after we had great weather in the Dales. Lots got winds, warm sunny periods. Escaped the crowds for some great walking with a few friends.
 Storm Kathleen - Bromptonaut
Looks as though LL got away on time.

Judging by a/c positioning back now from MAN etc LBA lost some arrivals last night. However given the number of machines they have at Leeds they can bump them up the running order with those positioning back covering later rotations.
 Storm Kathleen - legacylad
Indeed. Full flight, pushed back early, on time. Bit bumpy going up and high cloud meant zero views. Staying with friends overnight who live out in the hire this time was a nightmare. But that’s a different thread..
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