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 Frauds - zippy
Just a warning really.

Banks are reporting some really targeted, sophisticated frauds at the moment, including using methods the banks would use to confirm emails are from them.

For example: Postcodes used in targeted emails - banks would use part of your postcode to confirm the email is from them. Fraudsters are getting details from postcode checkers / electoral roll etc.

Confirming a last payment made to make them sound like they're from a bank, invariably it's council tax as with your postcode and house number they can work out what you are likely to pay monthly.

For businesses, looking up directors details on line (Companies House) for impersonation. I was at a medium size business this week with the MD and FD when an email from the MD popped up on the FD's laptop asking for a keypad* code as they were trying to make a transfer and their keypad device wasn't working. The sender's email address was very close to the proper email.

(*Banks give a small calculator type device to business customers that generate codes to use to log on as part of two factor authentication.)
 Frauds - bathtub tom
That's a lot more sophisticated than the crude methods exposed on the BBC Scam Interceptors programme, although they do seem to prey on the vulnerable.
 Frauds - Robin O'Reliant
>> (*Banks give a small calculator type device to business customers that generate codes to use
>> to log on as part of two factor authentication.)

I have one of those for my First Direct account.
 Frauds - Fullchat
I almost got caught out last week.
I'd ordered some soldering tips of the Bay.
Provided with a Royal Mail tracking number and expected delivery date.
On morning of delivery receive a txt from a Gmail email account stating unable to deliver as the address was unclear on the package and requesting I contact to rearrange delivery.
So I started to complete the pages and it stated I owed 23p for re delivery.
Filled in some details but when I got to the page requesting credit card details I thought "Whoo, hang on a minute!!!"
Retracing I checked the email believing the Gmail was from the original supplier and checking the provided hyperlink ....royalmaiil had 2 i's in it.
Phew! Close call.
15 minutes later the Postie delivers said packet.
I've not been subject to any of these attempted packet delivery scams previously and I know they are rife. But something is telling me that somewhere along the chain someone is feeding the scam machine with details of package in transit to make the scam more credible. It cant be coincidence can it?
 Frauds - zippy
>> It cant be coincidence can it?

I wonder that sometimes.

Ordered a new iPhone for Mrs Z yesterday and got quite a few fake emails from DPD etc. from out of the blue. As you say, it seems odd.

But then, didn't Steve Jobs say the random play function on iPods wasn't random because if it were, the same songs could pop up too often, so there is software intervention to spoof the randomness?

Staff in call centers abroad (and in this country - but rarer) are paid bounties by crooks for customer details. We have caught people with secret recording devices in call centers.

It's like the Amazon, ordered a phone / laptop, got a brick scam. It's either Amazon, their suppliers, their staff, their couriers or the customer. I would never buy anything expensive from a 3rd party seller that other 3rd parties on Amazon also sell because we have had clients who sell legitimate items - say Apple earphones and get accused of selling fakes. This is because different suppliers' goods are stored together good can get mixed with bad.

Then there are people who refused to be believe that they are being scammed. One woman was in the news a while ago because she had £thousands stolen in a crypto currency scam. The bank told her and she refused to believe the bank. The bank got her to write a message saying she had been told before the money would be transferred which she did. The bank then paid the money. I think the bank was in the wrong here. They should have suspended her account and informed the authorities because if she was paying fraudsters after being told, she is knowingly paying criminals and the bank is transferring money to them.

 Frauds - bathtub tom
>>It's like the Amazon, ordered a phone / laptop, got a brick scam.

SWMBO ordered an android phone and got a tube of toothpaste. Looking at the packaging, I reckon the items could be swapped without opening. Simply got sent another phone.
 Frauds - zippy
Brother is a manager at a RM sorting office.

They use highspeed cameras to catch temp staff nicking stuff. They have to use high speed cameras because the crooks are like magicians - so fast.
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