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 Readly - CGNorwich
Just subscribed to this. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Hundreds of newspapers and magazines for £9.99 a month.

No I’m not getting paid to say that!
 Readly - tyrednemotional
...Pressreader gives (what I think is) similar access, and is available free (online, anywhere) via my local library login details.

I believe Norwich/Norfolk libraries (other libraries are available) have a similar free arrangement.
 Readly - CGNorwich
Thanks I’ll give that a try and compare. Now where did I put my library card!

 Readly - Falkirk Bairn
I was given a year's Readly as a Xmas present from a son.

As you say a huge of choice of papers & magazines but I really only looked at a few newspapers and the say 5/6 magazines.

Huge supply of woke magazines, Women's magazines, US magazines etc etc

When the 12 months was up I was not tempted to pay out the £100+ per year.
In my view Apple News+ was better.

I also dropped the Economist @ £300 - another sub as a birthday present from another son.

If the Telegraph try it on again @ £200 I will cancel that as well and renew for £30-£50 around Black Friday offer time.

 Readly - tyrednemotional
...Falkirk libraries also provide free access to Pressreader... ;-)
 Readly - Duncan
>> ...Falkirk libraries also provide free access to Pressreader... ;-)

That's o.k. We are paying for it.
 Readly - Bobby
Ah someone in Scotland who reads the Torygraph …..
 Readly - Falkirk Bairn
I also read the Guardian, The Glasgow Herald and a glance at others.
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