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I have a compressor. It has a male output. I have an airline with a female input and a male output. All of these are a NW5.5 rectus 19 - these:

I just bought an air blower off Amazon, one of these:

Needless to say it doesn’t fit my setup. The bottom has an outside diameter of 0.4”, and internal of 0.25”.

Can somebody please point me in the direction of something that will enable me to join it to my compressor please! Either an adaptor or a bit of hose, needs to be male as per NW 5.5 above, and female as per Amazon item. Never expected it to be that difficult, but Google has not helped me one bit!
 Airline sizes - T junction
I would replace the fitting on the gun to match your other existing fittings. Should find something here or just take it to a motor factors or hydraulic hose place (often have a side line in pneumatics) should be able to sort you out.
 Airline sizes - Mapmaker
Thank you. then I think?

When I take the fitting off the gun it is 0.5” external diameter across the outside of the threads.
 Airline sizes - T junction
BSP thread sizes were based on the bore size of the pipes being worked on, see which suggests you might actually want 0.25 BSP like these (another Amazon page)
 Airline sizes - Duncan
>> (another Amazon
>> page)

That link brings one back here to this post.
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It didn't for me! Here it is in all its glory

(the shortened link restores correct page width, and still hopefully works :) )
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 Airline sizes - Mapmaker
Thank you Mr Junction. They kindly have the dimensions of the threaded fitting in a diagram so I’m pretty sure that will fit at the screw end. They didn’t bother for the airline end so I’ll have to hope for the best…
 Airline sizes - Ted
dapting for my Lidl compressor. I hated the plastic pipe that came with it, had a life of its own ! So I went to a hydraulics supply firm in North Manchester and bought rubber to replace it.

Whilst there, I bought 11 hydraulic hose clips for use on the Jowett. Much better and more positive than the traditional 'Jubilee' type clips which are all Chinese now and won't tighten. Stainless steel is a bonus.

All ' off invoice ' for cash, of course.

Now my compressor won't fire up after 9 months out of use due to illness. With any luck, it'll be the fuse.

 Airline sizes - Mapmaker
Safely arrived and fits beautifully. I now have a bag of airline adapters that I don’t know what to do with…
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