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 Changing a Will - legacylad
Minor amendment to an existing Will.
To include younger family members, grandkids & great grandkids. Financial gifts to come out of the inheritance left to a major beneficiary, which isn’t a problem.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think a solicitor, or their clerk, needs to be involved. Download a Will Codicil Template and complete it, and keep with the existing Will.
I think if said ‘beneficiary ‘ were to give out the (same value) financial gifts to new beneficiaries post Probate, without a Will amendment, there could be financial implications viz annual gifts limit, if they were tax payers.

Personally I’ve used a Codicil template with my will to amend names of charitable bodies benefitting from my demise. Didn’t involve any paid legal work....

Any thoughts please
 Changing a Will - bathtub tom
AIUI, any new will supersedes any other.
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