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 "Famous" People You've Met.... - zippy
As Gladiators is being rebooted, I am reminded of the time that I worked with "RIO" from the 1990s version of the series.

Her real name is Jane Omorogbe and was known as Janie. Her desk was directly opposite mine for almost 6 months.

I felt so lucky -she was gorgeous! And to be honest, I was mostly tongue tied when chatting with her.

She was a real gem; kind and friendly. She left to become an ambulance technician in the time before Paramedics.

I recall that she spent most of her wages on expensive hair extensions from London.

Other people met, but only for a few minutes: Michaela Strachan, she spent time to chat to our group whilst doing a charity treasure hunt in London asking what we were doing, Bod Holderness, Sir Richard Branson - only fleetingly - hand shook and Chris Akabusi who was invited to give us a motivational speech and rather than rushing off afterwards, spent time after the event to spend time chatting to anyone who wanted to.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Dog
Once upon a time, long, long ago, I tuned Blakey's (I 'ate you Butler) Mini ... twice.

He lived near Hither Green/Catford in sowf lunden, and was just the same as he was in On The Buses.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - martin aston
Miss A works in media production and has met quite a few.
The most disappointing was Britain’s Got Talent winner, Pudsey the performing dog. She was really looking forward to it but her verdict afterwards was “Dad, he was only a dog”. Never meet your heroes.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Zero
>> Miss A works in media production and has met quite a few.
>> The most disappointing was Britain’s Got Talent winner, Pudsey the performing dog. She was really
>> looking forward to it but her verdict afterwards was “Dad, he was only a dog”.
>> Never meet your heroes.

Ashleigh is well known in the dog trining world, she had done Heelwork to Music for a number of years prior to BGT. Pudsey was cruelly labeled "the butlers mongrel"
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Dave
Had a chat with the queen at a cocker field trial held at Rocco Forte’s estate down windsor way. She drove herself there, and spoke to all the competitors, helpers, and guns.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Robin O'Reliant
Exchanged hellos with Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters in a nightclub once, that's about the extent of it unless you include a former driving pupil who featured in an episode of Crimewatch.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - tyrednemotional
... couldn't he arrange a more appropriate getaway driver...?
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Bobby
Met quite a few celebs whilst I worked at the hospice and they got paid handsomely to do charity dinners and sportsmen’s dinners.

Not sure how well known Carol Smillie is down south but used to be a model/ Wheel of Fortune host etc who I had the hots for. Quirk of fate meant I bought my first Labrador from her and was standing there in her big house trying to block out all the memories I had of her when I was younger.

Got back in the car and my missus said wow her hubby is hot !!!

Not surprisingly, one I detested instantly was Michelle Mone and this is going back to when she still lived in Scotland. Took an instant dislike to her as did the large majority of Scot’s folk. We are an unforgiving bunch when one of us gets big headed and thinks they are better than everyone else. I had had to dump the hospice van in the car park as I had a meeting to run to and as a result of my dumped van she scraped her Range Rover down a wall as she was too impatient to wait till the van was moved.

Met Nicola Sturgeon. She is tiny. Arnold Clark. He was actually quite down to Earth. Loads of footballers. Remember one guy at the sportsman dinner, razor Ruddock, had a few too many bevvies and in his speech that he was being paid thousands for, used the C word sporadically in first few sentences. Got no response from the Scottish audience. Then proceeded to ask what is wrong with you Jocks as everyone else laughed at this. The murmurs started, then the boos and eventually he was asked to sit down again. Cringeworthy.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - zippy
>>Not sure how well known Carol Smillie is down south...


 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Zero
>> Exchanged hellos with Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters in a nightclub once,

Room at the top, Ilford high road?
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Robin O'Reliant
>> >>
>> Room at the top, Ilford high road?

That's the one.

I believe it is still going, making it the only one from my single out and about days that's still there. Last time I was up that way about 90% of the pubs I used to use have shut up shop.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - sooty123
Met peter reid the ex footballer&manager, nice bloke. Happy to chat away.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - bathtub tom
Giant Haystacks in a pub before an event he was doing. Thoroughly nice 'gent', modest too.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Bromptonaut
Not met but spoke on the phone to Lindi St. Clair aka Miss Whiplash. In a professional capacity - mine not hers!!

A more esoteric one. Fursty Ferret of this parish may recall a aero navigational waypoint called clipy (I think that's the right spelling) which featured in arrival routes for Stansted and London City. It was named after Martin Clipp who was an ATC officer who redesigned airspace routes around London in the nineties.

Martin served as an EO in the same London County Court as I did while he was waiting to be called up for ATC selection/training.
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 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Manatee
The most interesting household name I have had the chance to chat with was probably John Surtees. I could mention only a handful of others including Stirling Moss, whose foot I stood on by accident, but what you tend to get with famous people on short acquaintance is the persona, the performance, rather than the person. That wasn't so with Surtees or so I thought. I asked him something about his time with Ferrari. Initially I thought he had just decided to ignore me, but after what felt like half a minute he embarked on an answer that would almost have made an article had I been able, and alert enough, to record it.

Had a meeting with Geoff Hurst back in the 90s I think when he worked client-facing for an insurance company. I deliberately didn't ask him about you know what, he must have been sick nearly to death of it. I also know sod all about football.

Tagging along with a friend who had some business with him, I did meet Moss again much later at his office in Mayfair. Fortunately, and unsurprisingly, he didn't remember the incident 30 years previously and I certainly didn't mention it.

The only prize I ever.won at school, in 1966 for being second at something, was presented by Leonard Cheshire VC.

I met Henry Cooper in about 1980, when he was doing a public appearance. Can't remember much except he had a very nice suit!
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 "Famous" People You've Met.... - zippy
>>Stirling Moss...

Opened the door for Mrs Z at the Goodwood Hotel. Of course she had not idea who he was, thanked him and went on her way.

I was still unloading the car. He saw me smile and smiled back.

Miss Z was presented with a school prize by Joanna Lumley - who spent a lot of time chatting to all of the winners and the rest of the students afterwards - it was their day she said.
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 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Zero
Mrs Zee was a nanny for Rob Walkers daughter in Adelaide for a couple of years. Regulars at the house were Stirling Moss, Bruce McLaren, Gilles Villeneuve, Piquet, Watson, Rosberg Senior, Watson, a string of others inc Lee Iacocca of all people.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Zero
Oh and she was given a 5.8l V8 Ford falcon wagon to drive the kids about in
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - helicopter
Continuing the West Ham footballer theme I had an hour long chat with Sir Trevor Brooking who was visiting me on business when he was director of a freight forwarding company. 5 minutes were spent on business and the remainder on football. Thoroughly nice man.
Father in Law used to work at the BBC and through him I met many well known people, Kate O'Mara, David Hemmings, John Inman and Tom Baker amongst others.
I did also meet Pans People who were rehearsing there
when their record player broke down and I changed the plug for them.. suffice to say in rehearsal they were nothing like as glamorous as on Top of the Pops.

 "Famous" People You've Met.... - slowdown avenue
meet KEVIN SINFIELD at a funeral just day before his last run. AMAZING . That describes him
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Ted

My area has been a popular place for actors over the years. Mostly Coronation Street. Vera lived across the road from me, police always there dealing with fights and domestics, one of her friends about 5 doors down from me was an extra on the show. Doris Speed lived locally, my good friend had a contract taxi with Granada to get her into work and back and I deputised if he couldn't do it. Usually had to stop at an off licence on the way home for her !

Spoke to Hayley Cropper, Malcolm Hebden and Chris Gascoigne several times as they all lived here. Beverley Callard lived up the road, I jump started her car once. Another house of domestic strife. I was at school with one of the BeeGees...can't recall which....must have been the one my age, 78 now.

My son worked at The Contact Theatre and went out with an actress who was in a few things on telly. He also became good friends with Cain Dingle and went to his wedding to actress Zoe Henry. I provided the wedding car for Michael Begley, another tv actor in Manchester and from the Contact.

I once turned out to a breakdown in Stoke on Trent, it was Cannon & Ball, a 60 mile round trip at 2 am to find out they had been loaned a car by the club. Thanks for not cancelling the call out boys ! My office could have radioed me turn back !

I met George Best and Mike Summerbee during fittings for my wedding suit at their boutique, Edwardia . in 1969.

 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Bromptonaut
Joe Black (comedian/actor) and Rita Morris (singer) lived in the same estate when I was a kid.

Not sure either was that famous nationally but were well known in Leeds's theatres including being regulars on BBC's The Good Old Days broadcast from the City Varieties.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Terry
Collins dictionary - A celebrity is someone who is famous, especially in areas of entertainment such as films, music, writing, or sport.

With very few exceptions this thread is starting to sound like "Celebrity Masterchef" or "I'm a celebrity get me out of here".

TV programs for folk who may once have nearly been a celebrity and are desperately trying to restart a failing or failed career.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - VxFan
>> >>Stirling Moss...

Stood next to him at a motor show event in London some years ago. Didn't know who he was until someone pointed him out.

A few other "famous" drivers at Goodwood. Tiff Needell, Martin Brundle, Jason Plato, etc.

In winter myself and a few friends used to go to Membury and Newbury Services in the winter at the weekend - somewhere warm to go. Met loads of famous people as both services were on the commute route from the London BBC TV studios and Bristol.
Bernard Manning, Leslie Crowther, Jim Davidson, etc. The funniest character though was Wayne Sleep. His Rolls Royce had lost some coolant, so we topped it up for him. He was ever so grateful. He was also very camp! Think Alan Carr on steroids.
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 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Falkirk Bairn
Wayne Sleep was at a son's wedding! Not quite.
He was staying in the hotel as the wedding reception but provided a few guests with "somebody different" to talk to. I never spoke to him but other guests found him engaging.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Fullchat
A stay at Robin Hoods Bay last week revived an early memory of my father pointing out Ian Carmichael aka Bertie Wooster. He was local being born in Hull.
I attended a course in Wakefield and our class was invited to Granada Studios in Manchester to partake in the studio audience for the filming of one of the last episodes of sitcom Surgical Spirit. We also provided some real props for the filming. Nicola McAuliffe. aka Sheila Sabatini, played alongside Duncan Preston.
Afterward we were invited to the bar and then onto an Italian by her and her husband. It was a very boozy night and they were very entertaining hosts. Somewhere I have a photo of her sat on my knee :)
I've also met several royals in the course of my duties.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Bromptonaut
>> A stay at Robin Hoods Bay last week revived an early memory of my father
>> pointing out Ian Carmichael aka Bertie Wooster.

That reminded me of one from my childhood - mid to late sixties.

We holidayed for several years with my paternal grandmother near Blandford Forum followed up by a week at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight. Full board including a restaurant lunch.

Just tucking in to mains when Dad said 'look who is there'. Expected it to be some business contact or distant relative but it was Jim Callaghan who I think was, at the time, still Chancellor of the Exchequer. He was there with his wife, at least one daughter and daughter's husband or boyfriend. Sat at the table next to us.

Didn't speak to him but Mum noticed his jacket was split!!

Co occupant of the same hotel over several years was Sir Raymond Jennings QC who was the Master (ie Judge) in the Court of Protection. Didn't mean much at the time but later on, as an adult working in the Court Service, I met and worked with many people who had fond memories of him.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Fullchat
Oooh almost forgot bumped into Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Steph McGovern whilst they were taking a break and reorganising their film crew for an episode of Easy Ways To Live Well in a next door cafe.
Whilst I was going through that "Where do I know their faces from" moment they both smiled and said 'Hello" as I walked passed. No airs and graces.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Zero
Most of my meetings with the famous seemed to end in drunken brawls. Ron Atkinson in the Wembley Hilton bar, and Oliver Reed in a pub in Westcot.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Bromptonaut
>> Most of my meetings with the famous seemed to end in drunken brawls. Ron Atkinson
>> in the Wembley Hilton bar, and Oliver Reed in a pub in Westcot.

Had to read that twice. At first scan I read Rowan Atkinson.....
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - VxFan
>> At first scan I read Rowan Atkinson.....

 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Kevin
Mrs K. was a 'Rollei Dolly' once upon a time. Does that count?
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Slightlyfatdirector

As a 16 yr old I worked weekends as a waiter in a country house hotel in the west country and we had a few 'names' either staying or visiting the restaurant. 'A-ha' I saw but did not serve, Noel Edmonds flew his helicopter in and we spoke (he did come across as very odd...), and Gary Glitter was a regular :(

Bruno Brookes the Radio 1 DJ at the time I remember paying by cheque, and that was a great idea. The hotel kept the cheque - displayed as a memento, and so it never got banked. I wonder how many other celebs used that idea?!

Working in retail a few years later in Bath you would see a few actors who were in the theatre, plus numerous rugby professionals. Sara Crowe bought socks from our shop (think Philadelphia cream cheese advert and the quote: "Lovely!" from the '80's).

I sold a jumper to Derek Griffiths - the chap from my era of Play School - and still kick myself now that I did not acknowledge that I knew who he was and thanked him for what great pleasure he brought to my childhood...

In more recent years there was Marco Pierre White leaving the Brighton Seaworld with his family (he oozed "don't you dare talk to me" vibes), Dom Joly in York in a toy shop, and and Vic Reeves (aka Jim Mortimer) out shopping in Hastings. All seemed very pleasant but didn't speak with then as leaving them to get on with their lives as normally as they can.

Having said that, I did speak with the chef Michael Caines in a bar in Chester and asked him if he wouldn't mind signing his autograph for my daughter and he was properly nice. He was helping to set up a restaurant in a soon to open new hotel there some years ago.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Ted

I also recall late night, lock in drinks around the city centre with Long John Baldry. When I later moved out to a suburban division, I was always meeting Giant Haystacks and his little wife, who lived in the area. Nice couple.

 "Famous" People You've Met.... - bathtub tom
Jake Thackray. Appreciate he wasn't to everyone's taste, but I enjoyed his entertainment. Literally bumped into him in Ross-on-Wye and asked if he was performing anywhere nearby. I knew he was a very private man and he promptly disappeared.
 "Famous" People You've Met.... - Dog
>>Jake Thackray. Appreciate he wasn't to everyone's taste

I liked his songs. I had a cassette of his albums in my car. Peops thought I'd 'lost the plot'.

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